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How To Film Your Monologue

A monologue is a singular character performance, most often to express their thoughts aloud or directly addressing another character or the audience.

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Monologue Advanced Diploma Screen Acting

Top 20 Benefits of Having a Killer Showreel to Market Your Talent – Screenwise Tips

A showreel is one of the most crucial tools you’ll ever create as an actor. Think of it as a CV that literally shows your greatest acting moments on camera.

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Why Is It Important To Keep Learning As An Actor? – Screenwise Tips

There’s always something more to learn. Even the greatest actors in the world will tell you that they learn something new in every role, and in every acting lesson. As an actor you want to be constantly evolving and building upon your acting foundations, whether it is improving technical screen acting skills or exploring new acting methodologies.

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A group of students in a creatively lit studio bathed in softly coloured light looking up to a figure out of focus at the edge of frame.

Picking The Right Monologue For Auditions – Screenwise Tips

Picking the right monologue for auditions can be the difference between you landing the opportunity you want or having to go back to the drawing board and starting again. Here are some tips we have put together that will help you take that next step in your acting career.

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A photo of two actors a man and a woman gazing lovingly at each other the woman has a lollypop. In front of them is a film camera and a clapper board preparing to slate reading roll A3 scene 4 take 1.

Important Set Etiquette All Actors Should Know – Screenwise Tips

Moving from the classroom to an actual working set can be a huge leap for actors. Something that a lot for actors might not be aware of is the on-set etiquette that is expected of them. It’s much easier to get the best performance you can if you aren’t stressing about all the other little things that are happening around you, so here are some important set etiquette tips you should know.

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A set photo of a bar scene, figures stand out-of-focus at a bar in the background and a camera in focus in the foreground filming them

5 Key Tips To Get The Best Showreel – Screenwise Tips

In the world of screen acting selling yourself is a key part of the industry, and one of the best ways to make a great first impression with a casting agent/director and get your foot in the door for your next role is with a showreel. Here are 5 key tips to make the best showreel you can that will help you land the next dream role for yourself.

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a photo taken on-set of two women in a conversation at a kitchen bench being filmed by a cinema camera

3 Ways to Prepare for Acting Classes as a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Actor – Screenwise Tips

If you’re looking to take acting classes for beginners, intermediate, or advanced actors, read on for tips on how you can prepare for these classes.

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Prepare Acting Classes

10 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills – Screenwise Tips

Public speaking is one of the most useful skill sets we can ever possess. This is why presentation skills training is essential for those who usually find themselves having to make impressive and effective presentations, whether it’s for a client presentation, a potential business partner or investor, or introducing a new product during a special launch. 

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a stock photo of a man's hands sitting at a meeting desk surrounded by laptop and papers in a "give and take" gesture

How Corporate Training Can Improve Your Organisation – Screenwise Tips

In this article, learn about how corporate training can propel your organisation forward. 

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A stock photo of hands placed together at the centre of a team huddle.

7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Existing Showreel – Screenwise Tips

Choosing the right content for your showreel can be difficult. You need to showcase your best work while promoting yourself as the great actor you are.

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image of a dslr camera filming a man playing guitar and a woman watching, the subjects are out of focus in the background but visible on the monitor of the camera

Workplace Meetings in the Age of COVID-19 – Screenwise Tips

Like it or not, so much has changed since COVID-19 entered the picture. Life, it seems, has gone on a standstill as kids are forced to continue their studies online and working parents, well, have had to stay at home, too. 

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Image of an empty conference room desk taken through glass

How COVID-19 Is Creating New Online Communication Opportunities for Corporate Training Solutions – Screenwise Tips

The COVID-19 virus has undercut and overwhelmed the global economy. Most businesses — from Fortune 500 corporations to sole proprietorships — will face severe strains from the global impact of the virus. 

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