10 Feb 2020

How COVID-19 Is Creating New Online Communication Opportunities for Corporate Training Solutions – Screenwise Tips

The COVID-19 virus has undercut and overwhelmed the global economy. Most businesses — from Fortune 500 corporations to sole proprietorships — will face severe strains from the global impact of the virus. 

The COVID-19 virus has undercut and overwhelmed the global economy. Most businesses — from Fortune 500 corporations to sole proprietorships — will face severe strains from the global impact of the virus. 

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Impacts from the disease will change, in both the short and long terms, the way many organisations operate. Administration, marketing, production and training may follow significantly different best practices. 

Our team has worked to develop an effective set of corporate training solutions that incorporate lessons learned from the impact of the pandemic. These empower those seeking to make more powerful presentations that achieve desired results. 

We take lessons from the realm of stage and screen to help you elevate your skills and gain more confidence in material and delivery alike. 

The Need for a New Online Corporate Training Paradigm 

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Even during a pandemic — and perhaps because of it — businesses need to continue to invest in training and skills development across the board. 

Lockdowns give businesses incredible opportunities to boost the training and skills of employees both on the job and at home. 

With millions of people on lockdown, but still connected to the internet, organisations have a tremendous opportunity to obtain top quality training for employees. They can learn from home and prepare to be as productive as possible when they return to their jobs. 

How Online Communication Will Play a Larger Role 

online communication, corporate training solutions

The digital age has already seen tremendous changes in how people train for employment and do their jobs. Online connections enable more to do work and experience more training remotely than ever before. 

Even in states that have passed laws restricting use of independent contractors and labour, we should see a continual expansion of remote work. Learning how to communicate and make special presentations through online platforms have already become normal. What we expect to see, especially with the emergence of 5G, is expanded capabilities for remote collaboration. 

This dynamic requires that individuals boost their online communication skills. Our team will make sure that courses and other materials remain relevant to this quickly changing global situation. 

What Screenwise Can Do for Your Company 

screenwise, corporate training solutions, online communication

Whilst we effectively trained hundreds of performers, we also discovered that those in other professions could use the same skill sets that are adopted in the profession of acting. Screenwise has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most respected schools for performance training in the arts. 

Many of the same traits, however, of great actors and actresses also elevate those successful in business and other fields. Acting skills repackaged for business purposes can help your public speaking and presentation in the business world reach its full potential. For example, acting techniques can help those in other fields learn the importance of body language while presenting individually or in groups. 

For that reason, we have created courses designed to teach performance in the world of business. 

Skills Taught By Our Team 

We take the same techniques that have elevated countless actors and actresses into stars and apply them to business communications. To create the best possible impact, we offer a variety of formats through which our  clients can learn and try new communications skills. These include: 

Presentation training in smaller, more informal and confidence-boosting environments, allowing for more one-on-one tutoring and work 

Training on how to speak and to look your best on camera. Image and perception are almost as important as knowledge, organisation and delivery in many cases. 

Your team will deliver business presentations, interact with others in meetings and communicate overall with more proficiency, ability and confidence. 

Stages of Corporate Development Training 

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Great training programs start with structures put in place before they begin. We follow three stages each time to create the most effective courses possible. 

Communications often begin with introductions and building rapport. We ask questions about your organisation to determine the right approach for our programs. 

Second, we evaluate the opportunities, challenges and environment of your business. This helps us to create a “right fit” program that will best benefit your organisation and those who work there. 

Finally, we create customised educational experiences — according to size, length, material, and needs — for your team. We also design them to suit a variety of presentation formats, including online. 

Jobs That Could Benefit From Presentation Training 

A surprising  number of jobs  can benefit from our slate of communications courses. Communication serves as a foundation skill in almost any business environment. Better communication means improved production and efficiency, as well as fewer errors. 

Some of those jobs include, but are not limited to: 

  • Community liaisons 
  • Human resources 
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Client and customer service managers and workers 
  • CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs 
  • Government relations 
  • Managers and supervisors 
  • Lawyers and paralegals 

This list remains far from conclusive, but gives an idea of the breadth of positions that will benefit from our precision-developed and proven successful corporate communications education program. 

Reach Out Today 

Check out our slate of exciting and informative corporate communications courses from the performance experts at Screenwise. We take skills mastered by some of Australia’s most famous actors and actresses, then put them to work to train your staff. Enjoy a work environment made smoother by more effective communications. 

Learn more about all of our programs by calling, emailing, or sending a message. We look forward to receiving your inquiries and will respond as quickly as possible.

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