03 Jun 2021

3 Ways to Prepare for Acting Classes as a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Actor – Screenwise Tips

If you’re looking to take acting classes for beginners, intermediate, or advanced actors, read on for tips on how you can prepare for these classes.

No matter where you are in your screen acting career, whether you have only just started or have been busy padding your credentials with title after title, you will definitely benefit from attending beginners through to advanced acting classes. The discipline of acting is vast and deep, and much joy is found in every new nugget of wisdom you find as you go along. 

Acting classes for beginners: Build your foundation

Truly, one of your greatest achievements in life would be the act of showing up to your first acting class. Nobody ever forgets their first, so make this one count by being prepared!

Start with a can-do mindset

There are many things that go through a young actor’s mind the night before their beginners acting classes. You may find yourself thinking, What if I screw up and embarrass myself? What if I say or do the wrong thing and get called out for it in front of everyone? What if I can’t do what’s asked of me? 

Put these worries to rest by remembering that every actor started somewhere. Awesome acting chops are not made overnight. That means, of course, that you may not do it perfectly the first time around. But isn’t that what training is for? Simply trust the process and just be there to soak it all in!

Learn about the school or the teachers at the enrolment stage

Every acting school is unique. It would help a great deal if you familiarise yourself with your school or mentor’s approach to acting lessons. Ask the school staff or even former students some questions and do a bit of research as well. This does not only help you enter the class prepared. It also keeps your anxiety levels down, because then you would know what you might expect. 

Stretch, hydrate, and have energy-packed meals

Expect a series of warm up exercises during acting classes for beginners. Depending on the mentor or the curriculum, these can range from basic breathing and relaxation techniques to a quick calisthenics session. These physical activities loosen up your face and body to prep you for acting lessons or drama games. Make sure your body is ready for the class! 

Acting lessons for intermediate actors: Know yourself 

If you are at the intermediate level, by this time, you would have a pretty clear understanding of who you are as an actor. During acting lessons for intermediate actors, you will find awesome opportunities to bring out that uniqueness in you. 

Review the basics

Before stepping onto a new level, it would definitely help if you review what you had learned in your beginner classes. Most actors, even and especially professionals, go back to the basics from time to time anyway, so get in the habit of looping back to your foundation and use that as a springboard for more nuanced acting. 

Be prepared to perform on the spot

Now that you’re at the intermediate level, your mentors may have expectations set a bit higher. Make sure you’ve got something to present to your class if you are ever called on the spot; this may be a monologue, a few lines from your favourite movie, a scene from a play, or what have you. Also, be prepared to improvise! 

Come bearing good questions

The intermediate level is that sweet spot between having just started and treading the path towards greatness. This means that you are building momentum as an actor. Use these intermediate acting classes as an opportunity to really satisfy your curiosity as an actor. Ask questions like, how do I find the motivation that could propel my character?. Remember to act on your mentor’s answers and suggestions, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

Acting lessons for advanced actors: Have a clear goal 

Acting school will always be open to professionals in the industry. Ask any actor: there’s always something new to learn in acting. When it comes to acting, there’s not just room for improvement — there’s a whole world for it. 

There’s more to it than ‘just act good’

There’s no such thing as knowing everything there is to know about screen acting. Be ready when attending a class like this that you already have a strong foundation of knowledge. Advanced classes will require other skills to be explored and not just the demands of the scene, but also the unique requirements of film acting such as technical skills like cheating eyelines, maintaining continuity throughout takes and blocking with a director.

Know who inspires you as an actor

Knowing who inspires as an actor can be essential in figuring out where you yourself as an actor may want to take your career. It’s never a bad idea to plan ahead for your career, and looking at your inspirations can give you a strong foundation to build upon that will ultimately help you achieve your acting dreams. Having a strong idea of where you want to be will help you and your tutors build towards that goal.

Come as an empty vessel 

You might find it difficult to learn if there’s not much space in your mind for new lessons. In as much as beginners should go to class with a healthy can-do mindset, professionals should also access the right mental tools for temporarily putting away their knowledge, just so you can make room for new insights, skills, or perspectives. 

Let Screenwise be a part of your acting journey

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