21 Nov 2022

Top 20 Benefits of Having a Killer Showreel to Market Your Talent – Screenwise Tips

A showreel is one of the most crucial tools you’ll ever create as an actor. Think of it as a CV that literally shows your greatest acting moments on camera.

Your showreel portfolio should speak for itself, which is why you want the content to be someone you are 100% proud of. Start with your best work and keep each clip brief.

So, what are the benefits of a killer showreel? Here are 20 to consider when selecting what showreel scenes, you’ll use.

1. Easy Access to Your Information

Your showreel gives directors, agents, and others in the acting industry easy access to your information. Through your showreel, they’ll be able to quickly see the acting moments that showcase your true talent and best work.

2. Use Your Showreel to Smartly Self-Promote

Think of your showreel as a way to smartly self-promote your acting talents. Not only are you advertising your name, but you are also showing what you can do through a short video. This showreel should showcase what sets you apart from other actors and makes you unique.

3. Get Discovered

Your showreel can help you get discovered for auditions or casting calls. Agents and directors from all over the world can have access to your showreel, thus increasing your opportunities of being seen and discovered.

4. Increase Your Visibility Online

An effective showreel increases traffic to your webpage and social media platforms and vice versa. When your name pops up, your showreel should be right there along with it so people can simply click and watch. A unique, succinct showreel will stand out from the rest and can result in a great number of shares.

5. Make a Great First Impression

Your showreel is the chance to make a great impression, that will not only be remembered, but also get you work. That’s why it needs to be well-put together, showcase your very best scenes, and be no more than two or so minutes in length.

6. Your Showreel Should Sell You As An Actor

Your showreel should show more than just your best work, it should sell you as an actor. When agents and casting directors see your showreel scenes, chances are they’ll be looking for something specific for a particular role. Even if you are not selected the first time around, your memorable acting talents could get you chosen for subsequent roles. Your acting career will encompass a wide range of skills, so showing them off in your reel will sell your capabilities and adaptability now and in the future.

7. Your Showreel Showcases You, Naturally

When choosing scenes for your showreel, go for those that show you in the most natural light. While dramatic scenes can add flare, they can seem a bit overwhelming when viewed out of context. Instead, choose the scenes that demonstrate your most natural abilities. Agents and casting directors will be able to quickly deduce whether you’re serious, funny, or possess a special charisma that makes you right for a particular role. This is what will be your best selling point.

8. Your Showreel Should Focus Solely On You

When choosing your showreel scenes, select those that focus on you rather than other actors. This is your opportunity to shine, so don’t give those watching the distraction of watching a scene that features another actor more than it does you.

9. Remember Less Is More

Agents and casting directors see countless showreels every year, so the more to-the-point the showreel is, the better. Brevity will increase your chances of it being seen and will also help make it as memorable as the content it contains.

10. Include Professionally shot scenes In Your Showreel

Your showreel demonstrates your experience as an actor. If you’ve ever worked on a professional set, include those clips in your showreel so viewers are aware you have this type of experience.

11. A Showreel Portfolio Will Market You to Different Audiences

While you can’t always know who your audience will be, you can plan for the various people who will come across your showreel by making more than one. Think of this as your showreel portfolio; a collection that contains different videos of scenes relevant to different audiences. That way you can point a specific agent of casting director to the most appropriate showreel.

12. Consistency Will Sell Your Product

Put your showreel together as one complete piece and the finished product will sell itself. The theme, pace, ETC. should remain the same throughout. This will show your overall vision.

13. An Up-to-Date Showreel Will Increase Your Chances of Discovery

Keep your showreel up-to-date for the best chance of being discovered. As you take on more roles, you’ll want to swap out older showreel scenes for newer ones to stay relevant to agents and casting directors.

14. Simple Sells

You’re selling your skills as an actor, not transition music or other distractions. You want to draw attention to your performance so just use your best showreel scenes and let them speak for themselves.

15. Accentuate Your Strengths

Your showreel should accentuate your strengths so those viewing it will see them right away. Choose scenes  that portray your best moments on camera. You only have a couple of minutes to shine, so make great use of your time and your reel will get more notice.

16. Demonstrate Your Range and Ability

Your showreel should demonstrate your range and ability as an actor to play different parts. Versatility will go a long way toward you being cast in different roles. Don’t be too diverse when choosing. Instead, choose showreel scenes that give agents and casting directors a well-rounded view of who you are as an actor.

17. Good Quality Footage Will Help You Shine

While it’s not always easy to have footage of the best lighting and sound quality, you want your showreel to be a professional as possible so those viewing it will see and hear you clearly. Your video should be well-lit with clear sound.

18. Land the Right Parts By Being Specific

Instead of trying to prove your ability to take on any role, be specific in your showreel so agents and casting directors will see your strengths. Let them decide which roles you’re suited for and continue working to improve your strengths.

19. Prove You Are Invested with a Professional Showreel

Your showreel should look just as professional as you. It shows you understand what the industry requires and demonstrates you care about the production quality others will see when viewing your showreel.

20. Enrol in a Showreel Course to Gain Even More Industry Knowledge and Skills

Want to learn more about putting together a professional, killer showreel? The one-year part-time Showreel course from Screenwise in Surry Hills, Sydney includes two professionally shot showreels and will show you the ins and outs of putting together a high quality showreel that will more than meet the demands of today’s TV and film industry.

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