18 Jun 2020

How Corporate Training Can Improve Your Organisation – Screenwise Tips

In this article, learn about how corporate training can propel your organisation forward. 

The most successful companies consider corporate training to be a necessity. Companies are made up of hundreds or thousands of individuals, therefore it makes sense that when individuals improve, the whole company improves as well. If the company considers itself as one organism, it would perform best if each and every cell is in tiptop shape.  

First, what exactly is Corporate Training?

corporate training courses, communication skills

In general, the term corporate training refers to a series of programs that educate the existing workforce. The goal, of course, is to increase the company’s overall productivity. These training sessions may come in the form of upskill programs, refresher courses, knowledge sharing, or personal development classes. Examples include but are not limited to: 

Technical skill training

A great example of technical skill training is when a company introduces new software or tools, or even equipment. Usually, new hires receive technical skill training first so they can familiarise themselves with the company’s daily operations.

People skill training

With a deep concentration on communication and interpersonal skills training, people skill training is usually provided to those who interact with others on a daily basis. Examples are those in sales, HR, or management. It is also incorporated in leadership trainings or team buildings so that teams learn how to improve the way they collaborate or resolve conflict.

corporate training courses, communication skills

Soft skills training

Ever present in any company no matter the niche, a soft skills set is regarded to be one of the most essential skill sets a person can have at his disposal. Soft skills include communication, problem-solving, time management, work ethic, and creativity — all these are essential in any type of job.

Company Culture Training

When a company undergoes major changes, they might gather all employees together to review their vision and mission, and to remind everyone of what their roles are and how they can be a valuable team player. 

Ways That Corporate Training Can Improve Your Organisation

corporate training courses, communication skills

Building efficiency and motivation within individual members

Employees would be more than happy to acquire new skills or develop the ones they already have. They develop a new muscle for work, which allows them to move through their personal tasks with ease. 

Establishing seamless coordination within teams

One can expect that groups within a corporate setting would be composed of people with different job descriptions or assignments. Each member will also have a unique personality, strength, and talent. With team-focused training, not only will tasks be delegated efficiently, but this diversity can also be recognised and then converted into a team strength.

Encouraging employees to stay loyal to the company

Today’s culture dictates that while the existing workforce does value their income, they have effectively struck a balance between wanting a fat paycheck and finding a sense of purpose in their job. They strongly believe that the office should be a place where they can find plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. A company that regularly offers training and development opportunities is one that values these sentiments and happily maintains a steady workforce. 

Boosts morale and job satisfaction

In the perspective of the company, training leads to productivity and overall success. In the perspective of the employee, the value of training is two-fold: they are better able to positively contribute to their company, and they are also able to move up and along their own careers as professionals. When an employee notices that they are doing better and better at their job, they’re in the perfect disposition to have awesome days at work every day. 

Opens up opportunities for management to identify and remedy weaknesses within the company

The best way to identify weaknesses is in a training setting because employees will find it to be a less intimidating space, meaning they can be honest about what they feel needs improvement in themselves, their colleagues, or the company as a whole. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to come up with ways to improve on their weaknesses. 

Ensures consistency of performance 

corporate training courses, communication skills

Development may not mean much in the long run if a company fails to sustain its momentum. Regular corporate training in the form of refresher programs will keep everyone on the same track. It’s also a perfect way to collect feedback and nip problems in the bud should there be any. 

Opening up opportunities to build soft skills, especially their communication skills

In the past, businesses were preoccupied with technical or hard skills and did not pay enough attention to developing soft skills. Most people believed that a few select people were just born with communication skills or were naturally empathetic. Now, as businesses realise that soft skills are the foundation of all professional interaction, soft skills training now comes up regularly on company calendars. 

When giving a presentation or participating in a meeting, one must speak in a confident manner. When solving problems, one must harness their creativity to bring out plenty of possible solutions. When resolving a conflict, one must have solid interpersonal skills in order to pick up not just information but other people’s emotions as well. 

The root of all this? Communication. No matter the type of job a person has, if they’ve got their communication skills down pat, they will enjoy a clearer path towards success. 

Want to improve yours or your employees’ professional communication skills? Have your corporate training facilitated by the experts at Screenwise.

corporate training courses, communication skills

At Screenwise, we have helped plenty of professionals in Sydney find their voice. Screenwise alumni are master communicators who keep audiences fully engaged. 

What’s in store for you at Screenwise?

We help you or your team deliver the most effective, memorable presentations through our corporate public speaking and presentation classes. Our training is conducted in a relaxed environment. This way, your interaction with Screenwise mentors is more intimate, allowing for a free flow of learning. We also give you the opportunity to record yourself as you present so you can review your performance or see yourself in the eyes of your audience. 

Our Corporate Presentation Classes are extremely beneficial for marketers, company leaders, sales and recruitment managers, change or development specialists, and more. We have a varied list of options for corporate presentation training packages so you can choose the one that suits your organisation’s needs best. We also offer on-site training. 

Apply online now! For more information, visit the Screenwise website’s Corporate Training section. For enquiries, call us at 02 9281 4484. 

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