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Do you have an important audition coming up? Completing your HSC?  Need a private class? Learn from the best this industry has to offer and book a private coaching session today.

Screenwise has professionally trained actors and directors available for private tuition to prepare you for whatever acting challenge you have on the horizon. All our tutors are award winning professionals proficient in a range of skills across film, television and theatre.

Screenwise Private Coaching is available to anyone, no matter their experience level, whether you’re a HSC student looking to gain an edge in your high school performances or a professional actor seeking to hone your skillset in a dedicated one-on-one environment. Screenwise tutors have worked with actors across productions which have included Packed To The Rafters, All Saints, The Pacific, True Blood, and American feature films like Superman, Wolverine, and Aquaman.

A Rare Online Opportunity to learn from professional actors in the Film & TV industry

Screenwise tutoring sessions now run online and are available to actors across Australia and the globe. This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of our industry leading and award-winning tutors if you’re interested in working on elements of your acting craft!

Film & TV Professionals available for private tutoring

Hourly Rates & Package Pricing

Looking to go beyond more than simply one session? We recommend extended sessions to get the most out of your training! For this reason we’ve designed packages to best suit your training needs big and small.

  • 1 x 1hr Session: $130
  • 3 x 1hr Session: $360 ($120/hr)
  • 6 x 1hr Session: $690 ($115/hr)

*All pricing is inclusive of GST

All private tutoring is held virtually through Zoom, please contact the office on 02 9281 4484 for private tuition prices in-studio. Once a session has been confirmed through the Screenwise office, that session cannot be rescheduled and is not transferable.

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Terms and Conditions*

1. The service is offered by Screenwise Pty Limited (SW) trading as (ABN 18 106 187 606).

2. Applicants offered or booking a place in a SW course are required to pay an immediate non-refundable deposit of $100 or pay the full course fee. If only a deposit is paid, the remainder of the course fee must be paid 1 week prior to course commencement. To take advantage of an early bird discount, the remainder of the course fee must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the course commencement. If the full course fee is not paid in full 5 days prior to the course commencement Screenwise may replace the student.

3. Payment of all fees must be made by the Payment Date(s) indicated and must be in Australian currency by cash, credit card (VISA and Mastercard only), EFTPOS or EFT (electronic funds transfer). All Credit Card and EFTPOS payments attract a 1.1% surcharge.

5. Where Screenwise is unable to deliver an Element within the Course, Screenwise reserves the right to substitute a similar Element. This includes and is not limited to the tutor advertised being substituted for another tutor due to the varied and high demands of the industry working professionals Screenwise employs.

6. If a student is unable to attend the enrolled course, no transfer is available to attend another course.

7. Screenwise Refund conditions:
All deposits are non-refundable.
If a student does not make full payment of the specified amount prior to the course commencement date the student will be unable to commence the course, and no refund will be given; except under compassionate and compelling circumstances (such as illness) and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
If a student does not commence a Course on the notified date, the student remains liable for the total Course fees, and no refund will be given; except under compassionate and compelling circumstances (such as illness) and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Where a student does not complete a Course, the student will remain liable for the total Course fees, and no refund will be given; except under compassionate and compelling circumstances (such as illness) and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Tuition fees will not be refunded after a student has commenced a Course; except under compassionate and compelling circumstances (such as illness) and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Any request for refunds under compassionate and compelling circumstances (such as illness) must be put in writing to the General Manager and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
All application fees are non-refundable. Screenwise encourages all applicants to thoroughly review and enquire about all aspects of their desired course before formally submitting and paying for an application.

8. The information provided by a student to Screenwise may be made available to government authorities if requested.

9. Non attendance by a student at Screenwise classes constitutes a non-completion of the course enrolled.

10. Screenwise reserves the right to:
refuse any enrolment where permitted by law;
alter any of the Course particulars whether before or during the Course;
cancel or terminate the whole or any part of the Course.

11. Students must comply with the policies and Code of Conduct of Screenwise as published from time to time during the Course. Screenwise reserves the right to suspend or exclude a student from the Course (in its reasonable discretion) where the student fails to comply with Screenwise policies or is determined by Screenwise to be guilty of conduct warranting suspension or exclusion.

12. Screenwise reserves the right to change Course information including fees, rates, Course dates and times without notification.

13. Screenwise believes that all information, statements and representations that are provided in Course information, and during the delivery of any Course, are and will be correct at the time given. However, Screenwise, to the full extent permitted by law, does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of same. Students must satisfy
themselves by independent verification or otherwise as to the accuracy of any information, statement or representation on which they intend to rely.

14. Screenwise is not responsible for any injury caused by or to a student or any other person by that student, nor for the loss or damage to any personal property of a student or caused by a student arising from participation in the Course, attendance at Screenwise’s premises or from the activities of Screenwise. Each student agrees to participate in the Course at his or her own risk and will release Screenwise, its employees, agents and contractors from any claim which a student might otherwise be able to make.

15. The student warrants that any work submitted for assessment, filming or otherwise by the student will be the original work of the student and not a copy.

16. The rights of all works produced by students within the Course, including film scripts, compositions and performances remain with Screenwise Pty Ltd.

17. By completing and signing this form, the student or its Guardian warrants to Screenwise that the student or its Guardian is 18 years of age and over and has the financial capacity to meet the Course fees.

18. Students are required to notify Screenwise in writing, of any change of email address, postal address or contact phone number, including mobile phone numbers.

19. Students must maintain a minimum of 80% attendance to remain enrolled in the Course. Students must have completed at least 66% of the course to advance to the next short course (subject always to approval of the Screenwise tutor and/or management).

20. This must be signed by the student and returned to the office prior to course commencement.

21. In part or full payment of the course the student agrees to abide by the above terms and conditions.

22. The materials and information provided on this website and related communications are provided on and “as is” basis. Screenwise assumes no responsibility for, and makes no representations to you or any other person with respect to the accuracy or availability of the information on this website. Any reference to products or services on this website is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation of those products or services by Screenwise. Subject to any non-excludable provisions in the Trade Practices Act, 1974 (Australia), Screenwise expressly disclaims any implied or express warranties or conditions of any kind, including warranties of merchantable quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property rights relating to information or materials accessible from or on this website. Screenwise shall not be liable to you for any damages whatsoever including, but without limitation, special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages, and including, but without limitation, damages resulting from use of or reliance on the materials or information presented on this website, loss of profits, payments or revenues, business interruption, loss of programs or other data on your information systems or costs of replacement goods, or otherwise, even if Screenwise is expressly advised of the possibility of such loss or damages.

22. You should not send any information or material that you consider to be confidential or proprietary, to Screenwise or any other person, through this website. Any information or material sent to Screenwise at, or through this website, is deemed to be not confidential. You are deemed to grant to Screenwise an unrestricted, irrevocable licence to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute all materials or information sent by you to or through this website. Screenwise is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that you send to Screenwise, for any purpose.

23. You must comply with all proprietary and copyright notices on this website. This website is owned by SCREENWISE PTY LTD, and subject to copyright. The information on this website is protected under Australian copyright laws. Subject to provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 (Australia), you must not in any form or by any means:

copy, adapt, reproduce, broadcast, store, transmit, distribute, print, publish or create derivative works from any information or material published, displayed or delivered on this website or in Live & Online Classes;
alter, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or modify any material or information that you receive from this website which can be accessed through this website; or
use or apply, for commercial purposes any material or information on this website, without the prior written consent of Screenwise.
Any software which you download from this website is governed exclusively by the licence terms accompanying the file or the terms of the licence agreement which accompanied the original product licensed by you which you are updating, and by down loading such software you agree to abide the terms of the licence. You must not reproduce or redistribute any software otherwise than in accordance with the relevant software licence.

All trademarks, brands and names appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners.

Nothing contained on this website is intended to grant any express or implied right to you to use or exploit any patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret information.

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Screenwise will not monitor or review statements made by persons other than Screenwise (“Third Parties”) on this website. Third Parties may post statements or information on some portion of this website, from time to time (“Third Party Posted Material”). Screenwise makes no representations to you in relation to about the accuracy, quality, legality, ownership or other aspect of any Third Party Posted Material. Screenwise expressly disclaims any liability to you for all Third Party Posted Material. Without limitation, Screenwise is not liable to you or any other person for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages arising out of any use of this website, the use of any other hyper linked website, the use of any Other website or any Third Party Posted Material, and including but without limitation, any loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data on your information handling system or otherwise, even if Screenwise has been expressly advised of the possibility of such loss or damages.

You must indemnify and keep indemnified Screenwise in respect of all loss and expense suffered by you as a result of any use or exploitation by you of any Third Party Posted Material or any Other website, or both.

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26. Screenwise may revise or alter these terms and conditions at any time. Revisions and alterations will be posted on this website. Users are responsible for reviewing this website from time to time to ensure compliance. If Screenwise makes a request to you to stop using this website or to promptly return or destroy copies of information provided on this website, you must immediately comply with that request, and confirm in writing to SW within five (5) business days after that request, that you have done so.

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