• Diploma of Screen Acting

    A comprehensive screen acting program that offers students the most advanced and critical acting theories, professional industry advice and training available.

    Diploma of Screen Acting
  • Showreel Course

    A one year, part time course that develops and refines screen acting skills required for a professional and competitive showreel.

    Showreel Course
  • Short Acting Courses & Workshops

    Limited places remaining for our upcoming Screen Acting Advanced, commencing 1st March 2017.

    Short Acting Courses & Workshops
  • Presenting & TVCs Course

    Learn how to deliver powerful and persuasive presentations with conviction and confidence. Find out more here.

    Presenting & TVCs Course
  • American Accent

    Learn the vocal gymnastics needed to obtain an authentic American accent with leading dialogue coach, Natasha McNamara. Commencing 27th February 2017.

    American Accent
  • Screenteens

    The perfect training ground for young aspiring actors seeking an understanding of the acting industry and the performance making process in a social and creative environment!

  • Screenwise Alumni

    Our Alumni include high profile Actors who are of the highest international calibre.

    Screenwise Alumni

Australia’s Leading Film & TV School for Actors

So you want to be an actor? Screenwise offers a range of classes, courses and tailored workshops suited to people wishing to enter the industry, or to further develop their Film and TV career. Employing top local and international working professionals, Screenwise is the acting break you've been looking for!
Whether you are a serious actor, or have just dabbled in drama classes, Screenwise is a leading Sydney drama school with acting courses at every level, including acting lessons for young adults, master classes for serious actors, audition workshops, showreel courses, full time acting courses and a range of short screen acting courses for beginners right through to advanced actors. No matter what your experience level is, Screenwise has the right acting lessons in Sydney for you.