08 Sep 2016

Screen Combat Class – Offering more than kicks and punches

The Screen Combat Class delivers much more beyond the kicks and punches – it reinforces the vital role that interaction plays between two characters in an effort to project realism and propel storytelling.

As part of the Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting (10869NAT), Screenwise offers a unique Screen Combat Class designed to help students excel in action-filled film and tv scene work. There is no denying that the action, sci-fi and horror genres are experiencing their relative golden age due to the expanded capability of technological advances to the screen. Some honourable mentions include Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and the recent horror successes behind recent hits “The Shallows” and “Don’t Breathe”. It is therefore imperative that upcoming actors are prepared to work with fast-paced narratives that are often indicative of these genres – and they are certainly high in demand.

This is achieved by allowing two or more actors in a scene to choreograph their action to shape narratives. At this point, it is important to mention that combat classes focus not on the language that is spoken, but rather, on the language that is expressed through body.

Students also have the opportunity to develop their ability to trust as they bond and interact throughout various exercises of the combat class. In real-world professional scenarios, actors are placed in highly dynamic environments that require trust between actors and the crew that supports them. The screen combat class intuitively provides students with the opportunity to exercise the trust that is essential in and out of each take.

There are also other obvious benefits that directly impact the health and stamina that is required of actors on set. Shoots often consist of long arduous days that involve repetitive actions and cues. The Screen Combat class exercises stamina by putting an actor’s physical cardio to the test. Meanwhile, the repetition of combat choreography acts as a conditioning exercise where students can test their motor skills and develop their skills for thinking ahead. This becomes extremely helpful for action sequences that require several takes and precise continuity.

It is no wonder why the Screen Combat Class is such an important and dynamic feature of the Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT). Between all the throws and punches, students are learning much about themselves and their abilities in the process of becoming a professional actor.

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