Course Structure

Course Structure

Course Structure

Screenwise Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT students undergo two years of full-time comprehensive creative and technical training. Not only are our Diploma of Screen Acting graduates talented, they are completely comfortable on set and on screen, and highly skilled in all facets of production and post production.

The Diploma of Screen Acting runs over 20 hours per week for two years and is for actors who wish to seek a Diploma in Screen Acting and prepare for and participate in the major Industry Showcase. During this Industry Showcase Presentation, students perform live on stage in a theatrical production and their final year film is also screened at the presentation. Students are then introduced to the Industry invited directors, producers, agents and casting consultants afterwards in a social environment.

Along with this Industry Showcase, students will also receive an ASQA Accredited Diploma, a professionally produced and directed film together with a professionally produced and directed Showreel on completion.

During the program, Students are exposed to a screen acting process that will meet professional demands of the Industry. The full-time program has been constructed in such a way that students will receive training with the most advanced and important acting theories, and professional industry advice available today which includes; The Roberts Method, Hayes Gordon Method, Chubbuck, Laban, Meisner, Stanislavski and Mamet. Assessments will be conducted in a simulated studio production environment, through performance, self-assessment, reflection and written tasks. These strategies and techniques will integrate and work alongside the students’ technical training allowing them to form a workable, effective professional approach to any screen acting demand.

The First Year – Screen Performance Development & Technical Demands

The Curriculum
The curriculum is a demanding and inspiring process of discovery on:

  • Opening the channels of communication,
  • Using camera and screen terminology,
  • Shot composition, coverage, lighting,
  • Cheating, movement, hitting marks,
  • Script continuity, prop continuity,
  • Developing the voice and spatial awareness,
  • Principal personnel,
  • Production and post production personnel,
  • Chain of authority

Equidistant to the above, is the creative exploration of the art of acting for screen

  • Screen Script Analysis (which includes The Hollywood Three Act Structure)
  • Screen Acting Methods and Techniques,
  • Emotional continuity,
  • Actions in Action,
  • Various Accents,
  • Characterisation and Adjustments,
  • Improvisation,
  • Scene Work.

This course is specifically designed for screen, therefore all class work is explored and performed on camera guided by award winning professional practitioners.

The Second Year – Screen Refinement & Industry Integration

With foundation skills in place, the final year will concentrate on refining screen acting techniques and exploring the post-production and technical demands of a screen actor. Showbusiness is exactly that, a business – so in this final year, skills will be attained in promoting and self-marketing through various avenues. In preparation for the students graduation and introduction to the industry, Students will also work intensively on the audition process with some of Australia’s top casting directors and with the actors union (MEAA) on contracts and negotiations.

Theatre is also introduced at this time to prepare students for their stage performance at the Industry Showcase presentation. Together with their professionally produced showreel, students will also deliver a short film ranging from 7 to 30 minutes. This final year film which is professionally produced, directed and shot on location will be submitted to numerous film festivals.

The Curriculum

  • Voice for Screen,
  • Screen Combat
  • Audition Technique,
  • Extended Acting Techniques
  • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)
  • CGI (Green Screen)
  • Thru Line Continuity,
  • Film and Showreel Shoot,
  • Theatre Development,
  • The Business of Acting, (type casting, aesthetics, marketing and promotion, budgets, finance, tax)
  • Presenting (Elective),
  • Comedy (Elective)
  • Industry Showcase Presentation with Casting Consultants, Directors, Producers and Agents.

Screenwise is committed to producing screen actors of the highest international calibre. Professional actors who understand the importance of their profession and the responsibility that comes with it. Professional actors who carry with them the social commitment to use their formidable skills of acting in such a way that the world has been left a little better for their efforts.


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