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The Showreel Course – What you need to know

The next intake of the Showreel Course is on track to commence soon. We’ve put together our most frequently asked questions to help you learn all you can about what the Showreel Course has to offer!

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Hugh Jackman calls this American Accent tutor the best voice coach in the business

If you want to make it in the Film & TV industry internationally, you will need to learn an American Accent eventually and as a rule: the earlier, the better.

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What are the key benefits of the Screenwise Showreel Course?

The key distinction between the Showreel Course and simply paying a business to record a showreel for you, is that Screenwise Showreel graduates are equipped with the skills that showcase their calibre and versatility as an actor during auditions and screen tests.

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Screenwise launches the 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting

ecessary practical skills needed for actors to thrive across platforms. This includes presenting, green screen, combat and accent training amongst a wider range of skills acquired throughout the course. 

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Showreel FAQs – All You Need to Know

For actors, a showreel functions like a curriculum vitae – it should effectively demonstrate your acting range in as little as three minutes, or even less

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On Set With Screenwise Showreel Course Students

“The Showreel Course really provided me with an eclectic view of the art form itself. Inside the Screenwise studio and outdoors on-set.”

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Screenwise Showreel Course

Screen Combat Class – Offering more than kicks and punches

The Screen Combat Class delivers much more beyond the kicks and punches – it reinforces the vital role that interaction plays between two characters in an effort to project realism and propel storytelling.

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