Acting Courses

Kick start your acting career with Screenwise

Screenwise offers a range of the best acting courses in Australia that are tailored to fit an actor at any stage of their screen acting journey. Click through any of the tiles below to find out more info on the course you are interested in or if you are having issues contact us and we will gladly help find the best course for you.

Two-Years Full-Time


Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting

A two-year full-time comprehensive creative and technical screen acting program.

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Showreel Course

One-Year Part-Time

Kick-start your career

Showreel Course

A training toolkit for screen actors culminating in the production of two professionally shot showreel scenes.

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Anna Lee

Six-Weeks Part-Time

Screen Acting


A thorough and practical introduction to screen acting in a supportive atmosphere.

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Screen Acting Intermediate

Six-Weeks Part-Time

Screen Acting


For actors who are ready to sharpen their screen acting skills and go further than the acting basics.

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Six-Weeks Part-Time

The Advanced Series Acting Courses Sydney

Providing actors with the advanced technical skills to enhance their creative toolkit and drive their craft to that next level.

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Masterclass Acting Workshop

Intensive workshops

For Professional Actors

Masterclasses & Acting Classes For Professionals

Screenwise Masterclasses for screen acting professionals provide a platform for actors to continuously hone and refine their craft, regardless of their level of experience.  

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Screenteens Acting Classes

Holiday and Term Classes

Acting Classes for Young Adults 12-16

Screenteens & Acting Classes for Teenagers

Screenteens prepares young adults with professional screen acting techniques for a successful move into the Film & TV industry.

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The benefits of taking an acting course:

Get firsthand experience working with industry professionals

Screenwise offers the best acting courses with tutors who have relevant and current  industry experience, this means that what you’ll be learning is not just grounded in theory but is being taught by professionals currently working in the industry. Learning will be in-depth, and instruction will be exciting, constructive and insightful. Whether it’s experience working in the Australian Film and TV industry, Hollywood, or elsewhere, you can be certain that you’ll be learning from the best of the best.

Develop and polish communication skills in a professional setting

You’ll be able to work on your voice, inflection, accent, and the simultaneous application of voice and movement in terms of scene work, as well as other communication elements that impact dialogue or the delivery of lines while studying at Screenwise. As you gain more knowledge and exposure, you also get to develop confidence in your speaking and acting abilities.

Develop confidence and learn the techniques of effective self-marketing

At Screenwise you’ll learn how to network, as well as market yourself professionally. You’ll learn how to manage your public social media profiles, so they complement your desired reputation as an actor. You can get advice on efficiently building and presenting your portfolio as well as your professional website.

What are you waiting for? Screenwise houses some of Australia’s best acting courses tailored to fit into any part of your acting journey. Apply today and take that next step you’ve always been wanting to take.