Diploma of Screen Acting

Diploma of Screen Acting

Australia’s only Two-Year Full-Time Screen Acting Course
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Screenwise is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and a member of the Australian Council For Private Education & Training ( ACPET ). The Diploma of Screen Acting program covers the full spectrum of skills training needed to produce a high calibre and professional screen actor.

We are all well aware of how hard the film industry is and it’s getting harder all the time. Work is scarce and highly competitive. Budgets are low, schedules are tight and producers not only need talented actors, they also need technically efficient ones. Screenwise and the industry saw a drastic necessity for acting schools to look beyond just the creative side to the actor’s craft and see the big picture. Hence the Screenwise Diploma of Screen Acting.

Statistics show that 85% of an actor’s career-long income will be derived from television and film. With the majority of renowned acting schools in Australia focusing on theatre, Screenwise aims to give students the crucial skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in the film and TV industry.

Applicants for the two-year full-time Diploma of Screen Acting must be 18 years of age or close to it at commencement date.

denise-200x300THE ROBERTS METHOD

Based on the “Roberts Method”, the Diploma mixes a strong academic element with a hard-nosed professionalism. It provides total focus and immersion training in the unique skills and techniques required for screen acting so that actors can meet the demands of today’s film and television industry across the globe.

Overseen by Denise Roberts (Wonderland, Schapelle, The Moodys, Cliffy, Mrs Biggs, Packed To The Rafters, Blood Brothers, Always Greener, GO), Screenwise employs the crème de la crème of industry professionals – award-winning actors, directors and casting consultants. Each tutor at Screenwise brings with them a lifetime of artistic and industry knowledge that has become indicative of the Roberts Method – valuing a need for the perfect measure between creative and business tools in order to navigate a successful career in acting within the Film and Television Industry.

The Roberts Method also emphasises a strong focus on the personal and boutique approach to acting. This ensures that each student is provided with the attention and guidance to finesse his or her acting craft to it’s full potential. The learning structure of this method also encourages the importance of social and team-based engagement – a necessary tool for actors in the workplace who are required to engage on-set with other professionals within the industry.

The Diploma of Screen Acting is comprised of 14 Core Units including 1 Elective. The normal duration of this course is 1380 contact tuition hours delivered over a two-year full-time program. Applicants for the two-year full-time Diploma of Screen Acting must be 18 years at commencement date.


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