15 May 2017

On Set With Screenwise Showreel Course Students

"The Showreel Course really provided me with an eclectic view of the art form itself. Inside the Screenwise studio and outdoors on-set."

With the next Showreel Course intake approaching, we took some time out to sit down with some of our Showreel Course students to find out more about their experience in our studios and on-set. 

Why did you decide to study the Showreel Course at Screenwise?

“I’ve never studied acting before. I was seriously interested in the art form. I wasn’t ready to commit to full-time study so it was perfect for me to do one-year two nights per weeks.”

“I thought it was great that we were going to be able to shoot a showreel at the end of the course because I knew that I was going to be able to leave with something to show for all the hard work we put into the classes. The classes are also small so you get to bond with the other actors and create a space that allows you to put yourself out there, and if you make a mistake, it’s ok.”

“The showreel course allowed me to still work full time whilst studying screen acting. It was the perfect platform for me to train and refine my skills, and experience a professional set before stepping into professional work.”

“I decided to study at Screenwise as I felt it was the best course that prepared to me to work in the industry, I couldn’t find any other course that allows you to work so closely with distinguished industry professionals as well as still being able to work full time. Being able to walk away with a professionally shot Showreel that showcases my ability and the skills that I have learnt in the last year is invaluable!”


How has it been working with the tutors at Screenwise?

“It has been great. One thing that I’ve learnt is that you have to deal with many different types of people and those who are interested in different aspects of Film and Television. Grasping that interpretation from all different types of tutors has been eye opening for me.” 

“I loved it! All the tutors are currently working in the industry so everything you’re being taught is very relevant. You can tell that the tutors really care about making you the best actor you can be.”

“Incredible. Every tutor has something different to offer, different techniques to teach. It’s been amazing to be trained by industry professionals and to have the opportunity to work with professional directors.”

“Working at Screenwise has been fun, motivating and an invaluable experience that I feel has given me the launch pad to take my career to a professional level. Working with such experienced actors, directors and industry professionals as tutors has given me the confidence and equipped me with the skills I feel I need to work professionally.”

Highlight of the Showreel Course?

“The Showreel Course really provided me with an eclectic view of the art form itself. Inside the Screenwise studio and outdoors on-set.”

“I felt like I learned so much from the American accent classes. It was a lot of fun to play around with that and try to apply to our scripts or scenes as well.

The onset experience! Working with a professional Director and crew was amazing. Also all the amazing friends, and soon to be co-workers ;), I have made from this experience.”

“The highlight for me would be gaining so much knowledge from experienced professionals, working in a class with such like minded people and being able to walk away with a professionally shot showreel! Invaluable!”

Advice you would offer to any one considering enrolling into the Showreel Course?

“Dive in head first. Don’t be afraid to take on whatever is thrown at you – that way you’ll get best of what is on offer.”

“You get out of it what you put into it. If you turn up every lesson and know your lines and you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone then you’ll really benefit from the course.”

“Go for it! Don’t miss the opportunity. Put your all in and be ready to work hard.”

“Do it! There is no other course out there where you can work so closely with reputable industry professionals that also gives you the flexibility to work full time.”

The Showreel Course is a one-year, part-time course offering students a toolkit for professional screen acting training and a state-of-the-art showreel. With the Screenwise Screenwise Showreel Course graduates are equipped not just with a professionally shot showreel but also with the skills to showcase their calibre and versatility as an actor during auditions and screen tests.

Click here for more information or to apply for the Showreel Course .

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