25 Sep 2020

Hugh Jackman calls this American Accent tutor the best voice coach in the business

If you want to make it in the Film & TV industry internationally, you will need to learn an American Accent eventually and as a rule: the earlier, the better.

Not only does it require considerable time to learn, but also commitment and muscle memory. If you scored an audition and haven’t familiarised yourself with the accent beforehand, it’s most likely too late. The accent needs to be second nature to you and can’t be the main focus of your audition. Instead, you need to embody and showcase your character and scene.

Here at Screenwise, you will only learn from the best: Australian vocal coach Natasha McNamara will instruct you with more than ten years of voice coaching experience to her name and was recently named “one of the best voice coaches in the business” by Australian movie star Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman, Logan, Les Misérables). Natasha’s been a professional actor and voice teacher in the past and has a unique understanding of industry expectations when it comes to American Accent. She will guide you through a tailored curriculum that focuses on phonetics, acting and reacting, scene work and monologues. Over the course of six consecutive weeks, you will participate in weekly two-hour workshops. Alternatively, you can reduce the course length to five weeks and attend weekly three-hour workshops. In the end, you will be prepared for when the opportunity of an audition arises and you’ll be able to fully focus on the scene at hand.

Join the ranks of American Accent alumni, including Australian Film & TV superstar Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers, Thor, Snow White & The Huntsman, Rush) and add this crucial skill to your screen acting repertoire.

The next American Accent class at Screenwise commences soon.

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