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Screenwise launches the 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting

ecessary practical skills needed for actors to thrive across platforms. This includes presenting, green screen, combat and accent training amongst a wider range of skills acquired throughout the course. 

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How Corporate Training Can Improve Your Organisation – Screenwise Tips

In this article, learn about how corporate training can propel your organisation forward. 

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Did you know Adam Demos was a Showreel Course Graduate?

It wasn’t until he was 23 that Adam was willing to give up his job in Wollongong’s steelworks and pursue acting professionally at Screenwise.

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Screen Acting Beginners Tutor Spotlight – Anna Lee

It is not about the way you look or your fashion sense and it is certainly not about ego – it is about being authentic to your own self and bringing that to your work – Screenwise Tutor, Anna Lee.

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7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Existing Showreel – Screenwise Tips

Choosing the right content for your showreel can be difficult. You need to showcase your best work while promoting yourself as the great actor you are.

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Showreel FAQs – All You Need to Know

For actors, a showreel functions like a curriculum vitae – it should effectively demonstrate your acting range in as little as three minutes, or even less

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Did you know ‘The Hunger Games’ star Stef Dawson is a Showreel Course Graduate?

“I hope this just inspires everyone at Screenwise not to give up on their dreams!!! Tell them to hang in there!! I booked a lead in an indie and hunger games in one month!! Life changed forever.” – Stef Dawson.

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Workplace Meetings in the Age of COVID-19 – Screenwise Tips

Like it or not, so much has changed since COVID-19 entered the picture. Life, it seems, has gone on a standstill as kids are forced to continue their studies online and working parents, well, have had to stay at home, too. 

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Tutor Spotlight: Maya Stange

Maya is a critically-acclaimed Australian Film & Television actress who has been nominated for AFI awards on two occasions; for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Garage Days) and Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (In a Savage Land). 

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Maya Stange in A Place To Call Home

How COVID-19 Is Creating New Online Communication Opportunities for Corporate Training Solutions – Screenwise Tips

The COVID-19 virus has undercut and overwhelmed the global economy. Most businesses — from Fortune 500 corporations to sole proprietorships — will face severe strains from the global impact of the virus. 

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How Workplace Meetings Have Been Impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is by far the most life-altering global crisis to ever hit the world in the 21st century….

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8 Reasons Why You Need to Complete a Showreel Course

If you are earnestly looking to become a professional actor or planning to get agent representation, you need to have…

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