Screenteens –– 10 Reasons Acting Classes for Teens Could Help Win the Audition

Jan 30, 2018 | News

Acting classes for teens are worthwhile for helping with real-world skills – including boosting confidence – but they’re also vital for assisting with breaking into the notoriously challenging TV and film industry. If you’re a parent whose 12 to 16-year-old wants to be an actor, or you’re a young person looking to make it in the field, here are the professional on-screen skills you’ll master during any good acting classes for teens – including ours at Screenwise.

How to discover the truth in performing

We help budding young actors find out why they truly love performing – as well as what they love about it – and help them build on this to discover their truth as an actor. This is a key part of pursuing a career in the industry, because unless you adore performing for performing’s sake, rather than because you want to be famous or rich, you may become jaded with the field.

How to break down a scene

We also coach actors in how to break down a scene by going through certain elements you need to keep in mind for each one. This ranges from understanding and visualising the place your character finds themselves in to deciding on their objective.

How to build a character from the ground up

An important skill, learning how to build a character from the ground up will bring an unaffected element to your performance. It will have you truly embracing your role, and impressing casting directors at auditions in the process.

How to use props in a scene

With Screenwise, you’ll learn how to use props in a way that appears natural and adds to the scene instead of becoming a distraction for the audience.

How to take direction

Throughout your class you’ll be regularly taking direction from industry professionals, whether current directors or experienced actors. You’ll learn to listen to criticism without taking it personally and instead use it to expand your performance skills – and win that audition.

How to act confidently

Acting with confidence is all about practice and applying the right tools. At Screenwise you’ll gain this knowledge every Saturday during our term-time course. We’ll give you the space to freely express yourself and develop your skills in an open-minded and encouraging environment.

How to apply continuity

When you act in front of a camera on an ongoing basis, you’ll learn how to apply continuity and ensure your on-screen appearances are flawless and professional.

How to nail an audition

Screenteens instructors will help you find what your own personalised techniques in order to claim a TV or film role. They’ve assisted young actors who have both auditioned and appeared in well-known on-screen productions like Home and Away, Dance Academy and Puberty Blues.

How to read a script, improvise and devise scenes

We’ll get you dissecting a script like a professional actor and you’ll perform various scenes over the duration of the course. We’ll also teach you how to improvise and show your versatility in auditions, devising full scenes and showing your talents as an actor.

How to gain opportunities to audition

Thanks to Screenwise and its recommendations, some of our talented Screenteens have gone on to be represented by Australia’s top agents. Due to its growing reputation and industry recognition, Screenteens continues to offer its students the best possible springboard for entering the Film and Television Industry.

At Screenwise, our acting classes for teens happen on Saturdays during the school term. You don’t need to audition, but there are limited spots.



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