Short Acting Courses & Workshops

Short Acting Courses

Welcome to Screenwise short courses in Sydney. Our school was established to bring out the Film & TV Actors of tomorrow. We employ the best of Industry Professionals. Award Winning Actors, Directors, Casting Consultants and Technicians.

It is our job to bring out the best in you. If you would like to book in for a class, please contact us here or apply online to enjoy the early bird discounts.  Applicants must be at least 16 years old. We recommend that applicants under the age of 16 consider our Screenteens Course.

Should you wish to apply for an Intermediate or Advanced short acting course, you will be required to attach your CV with your application and a determination will be made as to whether that particular course is at a suitable level for you.

About our short acting courses

While all acting schools seem to excel at self-hype, their results vary widely.  At Screenwise we aim to cut through the hype, with a boutique-style studio environment that provides the ‘tools of the trade’ based on a philosophy of:

  • Tutoring by top professionals only.
  • Creating a positive, nurturing learning space.
  • Tailoring the classes to the needs of the Profession.
  • Fostering and maintaining links with the Industry.


Short acting courses run for 6 weeks. Classes are one evening per week and 3 hours in duration.

Short Acting Course Costs

Each Short acting course costs $605. Early Bird bookings enjoy a discount of $106 bringing the cost down to $499 per term. Please refer to the individual course for Early Bird booking details and cut off date.

Screen Acting Beginners

This course covers screen acting fundamentals such as on camera confidence, actions, objectives, motivation and shot sizes. An audition is not required.

Screen Acting Intermediate

This six week course covers ‘The Unique You’ – Reacting – Not acting, with focus on listening as the key.  If the applicant has not completed Screen Acting Beginners, a CV will be required on application for selection.

Screen Acting Advanced

Students will explore monologue & scene work combined with the technical requirements for acting on screen. The tutors for this particular advanced course vary between professional actors and directors. If the applicant has not completed Screen Acting Intermediate, then a CV will be required on application for selection.

Other short acting courses

These run intermittently throughout the year and focus on specific skills sets for actors.