24 Jan 2020

Learn to Be the Best by Working with an Award-Winning Acting Coach

Many people dream of becoming a famous actor or actress. And while there are a few who are able to break into the industry by being spotted on the street or discovered on social media, they are the exception and not the norm. It’s right to say that to break into acting, you need talent. However, it is wrong to say that your talents cannot…

Many people dream of becoming a famous actor or actress. And while there are a few who are able to break into the industry by being spotted on the street or discovered on social media, they are the exception and not the norm.

It’s right to say that to break into acting, you need talent. However, it is wrong to say that your talents cannot be fostered, improved, or honed. Basically, hard work and dedication beat innate talent, every time. This is where having an award-winning acting coach comes in and can make a real difference.

In this post, we talk about the benefits of learning from award-winning acting coaches so you can become the best you can be.

Qualities of a good acting coach

Well, apart from industry recognition and accolades, a good acting coach will have the following qualities:

Years of industry experience under their belt

Good acting coaches are established and well-known for their achievements through the years, whether as a movie or television actor, a theatre actor or a voice actor. There are some that may have had the great fortune of having done all these and succeeding, whilst there are also those who prefer to hone their craft in one particular medium over the others.

Successful former students

Another important quality you need to look for in a prospective acting coach would be information on the acting coach’s past clients. Successful acting coaches would have this information ready. In fact, they may even have it posted on their own websites as a way of lending credence to their reputation.

No coach would keep this a secret because those names will add to their own industry reputation, so don’t hesitate to ask. Also, find out how many of their students have successfully landed jobs. Again, this information is something a proud acting coach would want to share. If you can’t get in contact with the coach directly then talk with the school who employs the coach.

Excellent industry reputation

They say that a person’s reputation precedes them, and this certainly applies to acting coaches. Be sure to ask around about your target acting coach’s reputation, not just with regard to their students but also with industry professionals.

Whom have they worked with? What do directors, producers, writers and other industry insiders say about him or her? You can also ask about how a particular acting coach’s former students fared in the jobs they landed. Ask former students about their experiences with a particular coach, too. 

How to choose an acting coach

Whether it be part of a class, course or private lessons, the aforementioned qualities of a good acting coach are a good basis for choosing a coach you want to learn from. However, even if it’s easy to say that all acting coaches have certain qualities and skills that can help you hone your own craft, it’s difficult to gauge this on the outset. 

It helps if the coach you choose is an expert in the medium you want to be trained in. If you are intent on pursuing a career in film & TV, you can still learn from acting coaches who are involved in theatre or animation (voice projects). However, you’re bound to learn a lot more about the specific field of acting you are interested in by working with a film & TV aficionado and practitioner. Besides, having the best acting coach for your chosen acting medium would give you access to a network of people unique to that specific endeavour—and those are the connections you need.

Of course, the best way to find a future acting coach or mentor who will expertly guide you in the process of acting is to enrol in acting classes. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet different acting tutors whose expertise can contribute to your growth as an artist.

The benefits of working with an acting coach

Acting coaches do not teach the way university professors do. Instead, they will guide you through the process of acting itself. But to do this, coaches need to establish rapport and a level of comfort with their students first so that honest communication and feedback are possible. Acting coaches bring out the best of the actors in their class (or whom they are privately coaching) by helping them make better, honest performances.

This is easier said than done, of course. But the best acting coaches not only help actors hone their acting skills but also help them prepare for other aspects of their chosen career. This includes getting ready for auditions, certain roles or projects, and for their career development. Moreover, these acting experts can:

  • Skilfully bring specific nuances or shades and qualities out of a character
  • Illustrate how actors can analyse and dissect a character to skilfully take on its mannerisms and total persona, which will ultimately improve their performance
  • Help actors develop and master strategies to relax during interviews and auditions
  • Teach actors how they can best remember their lines and practise for their roles
  • Help actors develop the desired attitude and approach for taking direction and accepting feedback

Best of all, acting coaches can help aspiring actors thrive and succeed in their career.

Learn only from the best at Screenwise

At Screenwise, our goal is to help you develop and mature in your craft, and launch your career in the industry. This is why we have world-famous acting tutors at Screenwise including:

  • Three-time Laurence Olivier awardee Philip Quast of the stage musical Les Misérables and Les Misérables: The Dream Cast in Concert
  • Renowned vocal expert Natasha McNamara, who has worked with the likes of Hugh Jackman
  • Award-winning director, writer and actor Ben Mathews
  • Improv theatre and television actor Daniel Cordeaux of the hit comedy “Thank God You’re Here”
  • Theatre heavyweight Anna Lee who is famous for “Calendar Girls,” “Private Lives” and “The Recruiting Officer”
  • Theatre and film actor Winston Cooper of “The Interviewer” (2012) and “Cybergirl” (2001-2002)

All of the above industry-recognised professionals teach in the Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) programme at Screenwise. These tutors are all accomplished actors and industry experts who are ready to impart their knowledge and wisdom to their acting students.

So if you’re ready to learn from the best, find our more about our short screen acting courses, Showreel Course, Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) or call the office on (02) 9281 4484.

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