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Boost your confidence, broaden your communication skills and develop confidence talking to camera or to an audience.

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Grant Thompson Screenwise Tutor

Online Presenting Monday June 2022

$605 $499 Earlybird ends 14 Jun 2022
Grant Thompson Screenwise Tutor

Online Presenting Monday October 2022

$605 $499 Earlybird ends 26 Sep 2022


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About the Course

  • Boost your confidence
  • Speak with conviction
  • Be spontaneous
  • Use your personality
  • Connect with your audience
  • Write your own presenting material
  • Adjust your presentation when necessary
  • Work the Camera
  • Find the Light
  • Hit your marks
  • Deliver powerful and persuasive presentations
  • Promote yourself as a Presenter

The Screenwise Presenting & TVCs Course in Sydney covers on-screen presenting skills in a number of different presenting styles. It is designed to boost confidence, broaden communication skills and develop confidence talking to a camera or to an audience. Learn to deliver powerful and persuasive presentations with conviction and confidence. Presenting course skills are a prerequisite for reality based TV programs.

The Presenting course covers a variety of presentation styles, including children, lifestyle, infotainment, travel, vox pops and interview.

Learn to

work with the Camera

You will develop a true understanding of your place in front of the camera, and the important role that performance plays in delivering a clear, communicative and impactful message to your audience.

Develop Your

On-Camera Skills

It's a New World

The last few years have highlighted just how much effective remote communication matters in business, and beyond. Whether it’s presentations or webinars on zoom, hosting live-streams on social media to promote your business or services, or running classes, training or seminars during remote work and learning.

A whole new channel of communication requires new presenting techniques and awareness, as your presentation is flattened into two dimensions and beamed around the world. Learn techniques from television presenting experts with decades of experience in remotely engaging audiences.

The Screenwise Presenting On Camera course isn’t just a presenting course, but will equip you specifically with a skills required to present on camera and deal with all the unique challenges that come from its the format. On-screen presenting requires an awareness of eye-line, gesture and pacing, that differs from presenting with a live audience. Often your audience will be in a different physical space from you or even, in the case of pre-recording, separated by time as well.

Presenting On Camera tutors at Screenwise are professional film and television presenters who have unique and extensive experience dealing with the challenges of presenting on-screen and off and can prepare you for whatever your presentation challenges may come your way in the new digital landscape or in professional film and television work.

Running in three hour sessions over the course of six weeks the Presenting On Camera course is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike to develop their presenting and communication skills in a low-pressure supportive environment before coming face to face with an audience.



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In the Screenwise Presenting on Camera Course you will learn skills specific to the challenges of presenting to camera taught by presenters with decades of film and television experience they are experts in presenting to live audiences as well as through the screen. Learn from presenters with real-world experience presenting to audiences of millions on-camera.