What do you need to get ahead as an actor?

Oct 9, 2017 | News

What You Need to Get Ahead as an Actor in Australia

Everyone knows that living in Australia and becoming an actor can present a variety of challenges when you’re objective is to reach for the international screen. We’ve got a small population, we’re far, far away, and our film and television industry is relatively smaller than other overseas markets.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, because you have probably noticed that familiar Aussie faces have been cropping up on screens and platforms across the world. Think Margot Robbie, Rebel Wilson and the Hemsworth brothers. Australia produces a long list of highly talented professional actors, and the rest of the world continues to catch on. Like other small film and television industries across the globe, Australian’s need to work hard and diversify more than ever before in order to expand their chances of success in the business.

Educate yourself

There are a number of benefits of enrolling into an acting school. Not only will you explore the fine art of acting, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with others in the industry and start to build those all-important connections. Acting is about what you know as much as it is about who you know, and an acting school can give you a good basis for both. Understanding on-set language also plays a huge factor towards the way you can confidently perform in front of the camera. Statistics from the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance reveal that 85% of an actor’s career-long income will be derived from film and television – so it’s important to give these platforms great attention throughout your training.

Screenwise is Australia’s leading school for film and television actors, so it’s a great jumping-off point if you want to act internationally. Screenwise ensures they arm all of their students with everything they need to be successful in the industry. This includes learning how to build industry relationships, acquiring a high quality showreel and gaining knowledge of the ‘business-side’ of the acting world – so you can be savvy about finding yourself an agent and getting yourself in front of the right people.

Understanding Social Media

Social media is great for a lot of things, and that includes the film industry. Connecting with other actors, producers, casting directors and agents in the digital sphere – particularly when they are overseas – is a great way to meet new people, keep up to date with news and casting calls, and get others familiar with your name. Having active social media pages that showcase your profile as an actor is another way people can get to know who you are – so sharpen up that Twitter and Instagram game. There can be downsides to this though if you aren’t monitoring your activity effectively. In the same way that employers are able to discover part of who you are online, industry folk are able to do just about the same thing. Be mindful of what you post and how you post it – it could be the difference between making it or breaking it.

Build and Grow

Pretty much every Australian actor in Hollywood these days got their start on Australian Film and Television. These shows are tremendously valuable platforms for budding young actors, so there’s no point turning up your nose at an opportunity that’s not in Hollywood or a big budget movie. Not every job you’re going to do will be a critical success, but experience is key and in that sense, every job has its value. We’re not saying you should take every job you’re offered – there are some roles you might downright disagree with and that’s okay. Just don’t be overly tedious or elitist – if you’re a talented actor you’re going to shine no matter what role is thrown at you.

Versatility means opportunity

To have a long-term and rewarding career in any profession, being diverse as possible with your skillset will fuel your ability to succeed and progress in your career. There’s A WORLD of opportunity out there such as working with voice-overs, presenting, TV Commercials, web-series and corporate videos just to name a few. Things are only set to get better! With online streaming taking a profound leap so much more work and opportunity will be made available to actors – you just need to be open to the possibilities. So expand your skill set as much as possible – that leads us to our final point.

Continuous improvement

The smartest thing that anyone ever said was “I know that I know nothing”. A true artist is always striving for perfection that they will never achieve, but what drives that need for perfection is a desire to learn and continuously evolve. Opening yourself to new learning opportunities and training can help make a difference in the audition room and how you approach the industry. You’ll also open yourself to a whole new world of acting theory and some of the latest techniques that will boost your passion for the craft. Continue learning and keep improving – there’s always a better and more exciting version of you waiting around the corner.

Keen on getting your start in the acting industry? Screenwise’s Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) will give you all the tools you need to be successful in Australia and beyond. With plenty of practical learning experience, focussed classrooms for more one-on-one attention, and the chance to be taught by some of Australia’s acting elite, it’s no wonder they’re the best in the biz. You can sus more information about Screenwise and register your interest for their 2018 intake here.


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