Founder’s Scholarship

Founder’s Scholarship

The Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship 2018

The opportunity to access quality skills training as a screen actor in Australia has become increasingly difficult to access. Economically and socially disadvantaged students are most affected, and will be faced with numerous barriers in pursuit of a career as a professional Film and TV Actor. Many young and talented Australian actors may never achieve their goals as a consequence. Somewhere across our nation another Hemsworth or Kidman may never reach their potential as a professional Film and TV Actor. The question remains, what can our industry leaders do to ensure that Australian Film and TV Actors continue to thrive on local and international screens?

Presenting the Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship

Screenwise and it’s Founder and CEO Denise Roberts sought to do their part as one of Australia’s key benefactors behind Australia’s Screen Acting Industry today by offering educational support to one of Australia’s most talented and promising actors year-on-year. The Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship was realised as our pledge to discover and support the next generation of great Australian actors of tomorrow.

Screenwise has dedicated over two decades of screen acting training and has facilitated thousands of actors at our studios. Numerous Screenwise Alumni have continued on towards great success in Australia and across the globe throughout that time. The Founder’s Scholarship is a tribute that honours all of our students who have shared our passion for our Film and Television industry, and a promise to tomorrow’s next great Australian actor.

What does the Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship offer?

The Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship offers one two-year full-time scholarship to study the 10065NAT Diploma of Screen Acting. Valued at $35,000 The Founder’s Scholarship covers tuition fees for the 10065NAT Diploma Screen Acting Program over the complete course of two years. Tuition Fees also include production of the Scholarship recipient’s Showreel and Industry Graduation Showcase upon completion of the program. In addition to full subsidisation of tuition fees, the successful applicant will receive extended mentoring from Screenwise Founder and CEO Denise Roberts throughout their studies.

Selection Criteria

The Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship is one of Australia’s most prestigious awards that will be on offer for young actors across the nation. It is therefore imperative that the selection criteria for applicants be considered and carried out throughout the application stage and during their studies at Screenwise.

  • Applicants must formally apply for the Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT prior to submitting a formal application for the Founder’s Scholarship. Please visit the “How to Apply” tab under the Diploma of Screen Acting section of the Screenwise website to apply.
  • All applicants must satisfy the entry requirements of the Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT Program available here. In respects to applications for the Scholarship, applicants will not be expected to satisfy the financial capacity to meet the course requirements.
  • Applicants must be an Australian Citizen in order to apply and must present relevant identification upon application.
  • Must demonstrate how the scholarship can contribute to your growth as a screen actor and attest for any social/economical difficulties hindering their entry into the Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT program.
  • Must consistently satisfy all units of the Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT program.
  • Must acknowledge and adhere by the terms and conditions specified by the

How to apply

  • Once you have submitted your application for the Diploma of Screen Acting here, Download and complete the Founder’s Scholarship application form here .
  • Include and attach a personal statement to your application form detailing how the scholarship can contribute to your growth as a screen actor. This should include reference to any social and/or economic difficulties affecting your entry into the program.
  • Applicants must provide a written reference from an upstanding member of the community that can support your personal statement.
    (i.e. School Teacher, Relgious Leader, Social Worker, Family Friend)
  • Include and attach one headshot to your application. The headshot provided does not need to be professionally shot.
  • Include and attach a copy of relevant identification as proof of Australian Citizenship (Birth Certificate or Passport. If you hold a foreign passport you must attach proof of Australian Citizenship.
  • Attach and send all documents to Following sending of your application you will receive notification from screenwise upon receipt of your submission.

Download The Founder’s Scholarship Application Form

Applications for the Founder’s Scholarship close at 10:00am Friday 1st December 2017
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