11 Oct 2016

What Gives a Teen Actor the Leading-edge for a Creative Future? – Screenwise Tips

In most cases, starting out young can empower you with the foundations you need to succeed in your chosen profession and industry.

They say that practice makes perfect. When we’re young we have the greatest opportunity to make the most out of our passions, interests and creative exploits. Our energy is boundless and our dreams are endless. Training and/or working as a young actor can present lifelong benefits that boost your confidence and position your skills ahead of others in the market.

Here are a few ways that a Screenteens acting class can help you grow as an individual and as a professional actor!

Boosting your confidence
There’s no better way of boosting your confidence than in front of the camera.
Part of being an actor is to accept that you will be observed – that’s a given. When people observe us we often feel vulnerable in thinking how others might perceive us. As an actor – you’ll learn to overcome that fear. This will have a direct effect on your confidence in many situations in your life – especially in job interviews and auditions. Starting young gives us the knack to overcome a very common fear that we all share. It might also be your make or break years down the track for that life-changing audition in the future.

Appreciating Film, Television and the Arts
There’s a boundless world of Film and Television out there to explore and study. The more you equip yourself with knowledge of actors, scripts, directors and the industry, the more you will excel and shape your craft as an artist and professional in your field. Studying and reading as much as you can about your craft will pull you in all different directions and expand your diversity as an actor. So get cracking! Exploring the craft at an early age will keep you a step ahead when it comes to shaping your creative output for the future. Read and watch as much as you can! Tutors are there to guide you into the right direction for the best resources the industry has to offer.

Social Inclusion
Taking part in an acting course is the perfect opportunity to connect with others and expose you to all walks of life. Film and Television is ultimately a collaborative art – so it’s important that you understand where you fit in and how to work with others to get the job done. When you’re on the job as an actor, you’ll interact with a range of professionals covering different aspects in Film and TV Production. Taking part in Screenteens can equip you with the tools to understand how it all works and where you fit into the process. At the end of the day – you’ll learn how to be a great team player in your adult life!

Learning Responsibility
At some point we all need to grow up. Screenteens isn’t just about understanding the craft artistically, but also places value on where it fits in as a professional career. Building your confidence, learning to work with others and committing yourself to study are just a few ways that you will learn responsibility. Being a professional actor isn’t just about being a great performer – it’s about being a star in the business of being YOU. Learning to manage your tasks and how to achieve your goals will transcend into greater aspects in your life as an adult. It’s an exciting journey and it all might be daunting – but learning the ropes whilst you’re young can make all the difference for your future!

Escape and Relax
Let’s face it – Teens have plenty of challenges to face and there’s a lot going on in their lives. Finding the right opportunity to escape and indulge in the things you love can have a huge impact on your effectiveness to study. It also gives you to the time to stay active and make new friends. Learning all about balance and giving your mind a rest is an important tool for staying focused throughout the course of your adulthood – especially when things get tough or busy as a professional. So what are you waiting for? There are Screenteens classes running frequently throughout the year here at Screenwise – so visit us online to find out more!
Screenteens acting classes are designed specifically for young adults between 12 and 16 years old. Screenteens aims to teach young adults the professional screen acting techniques that are essential for a successful move into the Film & TV industry.

Screenteen classes run in conjunction with school terms each Saturday morning, with one class per week over an 8-week period- making it the perfect course for you. No audition is required. Places are strictly limited.

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