28 Jul 2013

Tips for actors in a cold read audition – Screenwise Tips

A cold read audition is not the day to day norm for actors in Australia.

A cold read audition is not the day to day norm for actors in Australia.  However, there are times when an actor may have prepared for a role only to find at the audition, the Casting Consultant or Director will ask them to read for another role.

If this happens to you, then in most instances, you will be given a few minutes outside to read over it. You have only a short time to make strong choices and create conflict within the scene.  Here are a few pointers to use that time effectively for your cold read audition:-

1.   Read the scene over a couple of times from a 3rd party point of view, as though you are watching other actors playing the roles.  This will help you remain objective and ascertain quickly where the dynamics and events within the scene are taking place.

2.   Highlight your lines.

3.   Ask yourself  How do I feel about my scene partner?

4.   What do I want in this scene and how important is it for me to have it?

5.   What’s the obstacle getting in the way of that?

6.   What’s my moment before?  A good tip for this is to relate this question back to your scene partner in some way.  ‘Where was I, how was I feeling and what was I thinking prior to entering this scene?

7.   It’s important you create a place, and a spatial relationship – an atmosphere.  So ask yourself, Where am I and How do I feel about being here?

Once you have made these choices, hold your scene up so your face can be seen clearly and go in and fight for what you want.

Good luck!

Denise Roberts
Screenwise CEO

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