16 Mar 2016

“So tell me about yourself”… How to answer the big question like a pro – Screenwise Tips

Most people find this question difficult to answer, mainly because of its unstructured nature and also being quite a personal question. However, this question is a fantastic opportunity to sell yourself, describe yourself in a positive light and really highlight your strengths.

This is one question that you can almost be certain that will come up during an audition or interview with a casting agent and it’s usually the first question asked. It is therefore extremely important that you nail your response with something captivating and intriguing.

So let’s break it down into three sections:

  1. What shouldn’t you do?
  2. What are Casting Directors actually looking for?
  3. How to prepare for it?

What shouldn’t you do?
Whatever you do, don’t respond by saying anything like “Well what do you want to know?” as this immediately suggests you are not prepared, and could possibly give off the wrong vibe or even come across as negative or defensive.
If you really want to impress the Casting Director, avoid talking about anything negative as it will likely bring the vibe down and try not to talk too much or babble either. Your response should be short, punchy and interesting.
Try not to appear too desperate. For example, avoid starting your answer with “You should cast me because…” or “If you cast me I promise you won’t be disappointed”. You’re a professional actor and you know your worth so begging for the role won’t win you any points.
What are Casting Directors actually looking for?
You need to develop a good answer and you need to be able to deliver it with poise and confidence. Energy is contagious so talk about something you are generally interested or passionate about. Your enthusiasm will shine through and you’re going to look a lot better on camera!
How to prepare for it?
Prepare your response and practice, practice, practice! Be confident, make eye contact and remember to smile! Your passion should be contagious. The Casting Director should be jumping at the opportunity to be part of YOUR team!
Good luck!

“People are prettiest when they talk about something with passion in their eyes”

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