27 Aug 2018

A Chat With Founder’s Scholarship Recipient Harrison Green

Screenwise sat down with 1st Year 10065NAT Diploma of Screen Acting Student and Founder's Scholarship Recipient Harrison Green to chat about his experience studying in our studios over the past year!

Screenwise sat down with 1st Year 10065NAT Diploma of Screen Acting Student and Founder’s Scholarship Recipient Harrison Green to chat about his experience studying in our studios over the past year!

Q: How has your time studying in the 10065NAT Diploma of Screen Acting been so far?

It has been a lot and really full on, but amazing and I wouldn’t want it any other way! It feels like it’s been such a long road already and I’ve learnt so much even though it hasn’t even been a year yet. We’ve been surrounded by so many talented teachers that all have different things to offer towards the craft and for you to take in and there has been a strong variety of things that I’ve begun to hold on to and know I will be using a lot of the things I’ve learnt for years to come. Incredible learning opportunities, it feels like I’m changing every single day I spend here and becoming stronger and more full as a person and an actor.

Q: What experiences and opportunities has the Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship opened for you over the last year?

Screenwise has opened up plenty opportunities for me this year, from working with up and coming industry members and collaborating on projects with AFTRS (which if you don’t know are all the future of the industry) to all ready putting me up for auditions and being the face of Screenwise to the public and really getting myself out there. It’s opened myself up to so many experiences that I never would’ve had like combat training and fighting for screen which has been really cool and learning all the aspects of that and the technical side has opened up a whole world! Also to what I have to work on and the limitations I’ve had through voice and movement class and all the techniques that will help with that and really being aware now in what needs to be done to further my craft to the next level and having a stronger tool to communicate and bring the best that I can offer in my future work.

Q: What are you looking forward to in your 2nd year?

I’m definitely looking forward to get some showreel scenes done and putting down some accents in them, which I’ve heard from the second years has been really fun and a massive learning experience working with great directors and getting a high grade reel. Also I guess just having all the foundations that I’m learning this year and planting these seeds so I can really bloom and be at my full next year and get to work with all the stuff I’ve learnt. I always want to be the best now and I’ve been working on the patience that it takes in this industry and with yourself so once I have even stronger foundations and tools to use I’m sure the development I will go through next year will be huge.

Q: What are you looking forward to beyond Screenwise when you enter the Film and Television Industry?

I’m looking forward to the collaboration process between all the industry members, from directors and cinematographers work that I’m already fond of to all other industry members, being part of a strong team/having that support and hearing their stories and learning from them all, getting the chance to work with everyone and their specific jobs, getting more of a feel of the set life the process from start to finish. Really getting myself out there and allowing the industry to see my potential and to hear who I am, what I have to offer, what I can do and create is going to be great! Eventually getting projects that I’ve already started working on off the ground and creating those films/projects and being able to choose which films that I want to do and at the end of the day, passionate about. That will all be a big success for me.

The 10065NAT Diploma of Screen Acting is now our 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting. The Founders scholarship still remains though for the new course, click here to find out more.

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