05 Dec 2016

The Health Benefits of Acting Are Greater Than You Think – Screenwise Tips

Although the nature of the art form is wholly intrinsic, the practice of acting presents a range of health and social benefits to those who engage or observe it in action.

Acting is an age-old tool that has been used as a means of self-expression, social bonding and personal reflection across generations. Whether it’s making new friends or leading a discussion in a business meeting – acting places your social skills centre stage.

It’s the perfect environment for anyone who wants to build their confidence and reduce their fear of communication in a group or social setting. Acting classes can also give you the opportunity to improve your communication skills by engaging with other students and working with them to bring characters to life. This means you’ll develop stronger listening and speaking skills so you can get more out of your conversations with others. You’ll also build relationships in the process by growing an understanding of how others see the world we live in – giving you a more empathetic approach to the way you absorb information and interact with others.

Ultimately, you’ll be working in a creative environment that takes the freestyle road – so you can break the rules and express yourself in a way you might not be able to do in your private or work life. It’s the ultimate stress relief if you’re constantly on the go – so let the stage guide you to that perfect escape. Screenwise offers a unique range of short acting courses that can fit your budget and personal commitments. Short courses run day and night and mostly over weekends, so they can easily fit your schedule. If you’re a little on the shy side, small classes make things much less daunting.

There’s also a greater focus on you – so you can be sure to have the right hands-on support from your tutor and an intimate group of peers. All our short course dates for 2017 are now online – so you can choose the dates that best suit your work and lifestyle. Our Short Acting Courses cover Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, American Accent and Presenting/TVC.

Click here to find out more about upcoming short course dates.

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