Showreel Course Commences 29th July 2020

Covid-19 Update

The Showreel Course commencing July 2020 intake is still scheduled to commence.

Screenwise is currently scheduling all auditions via Zoom. With consideration for the convenience of our current audition process, places in this course are expected to reach capacity. If you have any questions regarding Showreel Course auditions please contact Screenwise via info@screenwise.com.au

Covid-19 payment plan:

Did you know that there is a unique payment plan available for the Showreel Course July 2019 intake? We’ve designed this to make it easier during Covid-19. This payment plan is only available for the Showreel Course commencing 29th July 2020.

If you’re interested in reviewing this payment plan please contact info@screenwise.com.au for more information Don’t waste time and audition now. Places are filling fast.

Next Showreel Course audition dates:

4th Feb - 21 JulyOnline Auditions Available Book your online audition

Please select 'Showreel Course Online Audition - July 2020 Intake' in the application form and a Screenwise staff member will coordinate with you after completion of the application form to schedule a suitable audition time.

Your audition will consist of:
- Prepared Film/TV monologue 30 seconds in length (Applicants choice)
- Prepared Film/TV scene (Provided by Screenwise)

Auditions are delivered via Zoom - an easy to use, reliable online platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices and desktops.

Audition preparation material will be emailed to you after successful submission of your application.
29th July 2020Showreel Course July 2020 Intake Commences

1. What is the Difference between The Showreel Course and the Diploma of Screen Acting?
The Showreel Course has a high appeal to students who are serious about acting and seek a high intensity, challenging part-time year long acting course. The Diploma of Screen Acting in comparison is a Two-Year, Full-Time creative and technical screen acting program.

2. Can I have an agent while studying?
Students are welcome to have agent representation while studying at Screenwise – networking and industry experience while studying is beneficial to raising Students profiles.

At Screenwise we have a number of professional and independent work that comes through daily. If a student is not represented by an agent and is fit to meet the profile and demands of a casting brief, the office will submit them for professional work as well.

3. How much is the course?
Information on costs and fee structure for the Showreel Course can be obtained by contacting Screenwise by email at info@screenwise.com.au or call +61 2 9281 4484.

4. Can I work or study full time while completing the course?
Yes. The Showreel course is specifically designed for people who still want to make a break in the Film & TV industry but don’t have the time to attend the formal full time training such as our Diploma of Screen Acting.

5. What is the audition process?
Once the audition payment is confirmed Screenwise will provide you with a date and time to attend. Applicants must prepare the following to perform to camera within the audition:

  • Prepared Film/TV monologue 30 seconds in length (Applicants choice).
  • Prepared Film/TV scene (Screenwise choice).

If the applicant is unable to attend face to face, an online submission can be arranged.

Applications open Now

The Showreel Course is extremely popular and its distinct boutique style means that positions in this course are limited. So if you’re ready to be a professional actor and take the next step, then the Showreel Course is definitely for you.

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