Applications now open for the February 2022 Intake

The Screenwise Showreel Course is a driving force within the Film and Television industry that continues to be a proven launch pad for acting careers in Australia and across the globe.

The Showreel Course boasts actors of the caliber of Stef Dawson (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1&2), Sam Webb (Neighbours, Survivor), Nathaniel Buzolic (The Vampire Diaries), Matt Levett (A Place To Call Home), Andy Whitfield (Spartacus), Tabrett Bethel (Legend Of The Seeker), George Houvardas (Packed To The Rafters), Ed Kavalee (Radio & TV Host), Claire Scott (Packed To The Rafters), Christian Clark (Gabriel, Home and Away), India Rose Madderom (Rake), Valentino Del Toro (Fools Gold), Casper Nolan-Evans (Catching Milat), Nicole Miller (Singer & Performer) amongst its high profile students and graduates.

Showreel Course students have also scored roles in Underbelly, Crownies, Packed To The Rafters and countless TV Commercials while currently studying at Screenwise.

Students who fit the casting brief and who are not represented by an Agent are submitted for professional TVC’s and small speaking roles whilst currently studying at Screenwise as we believe that networking and industry experience while studying is beneficial to raising students profiles.


“Coming from a construction background in Wollongong I had zero idea about the acting industry and how to even get started, I just knew I wanted to give it a go .Screenwise was my first ever experience in acting and gave me the spark and passion for acting that continues to grow today.

Adam Demos (UnReal)

“I hope this just inspires everyone at Screenwise not to give up on their dreams!!! Tell them to hang in there!! I booked a lead in an indie and hunger games in one month!! Life changed forever.”

Stef Dawson (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1&2)

“My new agents were blown away by my showreel… they were so excited and throwing around potential roles I would fit so it was all really good.”

Sam Webb (Survivor, Neighbours)

“Studying at Screenwise with casting directors, directors, agents and top actors who know what is expected from the industry and are currently working in it, provided me with an environment as close as possible to the real thing. So when I had an audition or a TVC or a Film, I was prepared and ready to play. I don’t know anywhere else in Australia where you can get that!”

Christian Clark (GabrielHome & Away)

“Special things happen in this place. Denise seems to know how to put the right people together underneath the same roof, with results that are very magical. I won’t ever forget this time in my life.”

Caspar Nolan-Evans (Catching Milat)

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Screenwise and all its teachers for turning me into an actor and for giving me such a great Showreel. Acting and learning from this school has been the greatest pleasure of my life. I have loved being there every second and your course really nurtured my raw abilities which I plan to keep working on and will hopefully lead to bigger and better things. I wish you all nothing but the absolute best. Please do keep me in mind if you hear of anything that you think I’d be suitable for. Thank you again for everything.”

Akshat Gupta

“Loved my classmates, loved my tutors, loved being at Screenwise. Thanks to all the staff at Screenwise, especially to Denise, Renee, and Katrina.  But a special big thanks to you for your friendly face every Thursday and for all your help, advice and support over the past year.  I’m tempted to say I will miss you all but I somehow think I will be back for various things.  Denise warned us the year would go quickly and how so true that was. At an age where many are turning one eye to retirement, I feel like my life is just beginning. For the first time in my life, I am doing something I really want to do. In one sense I don’t care what the future will bring as I am already doing what I love. Thank you to Screenwise.”

Don Smith

Applications open Now

The Showreel Course is extremely popular and its distinct boutique style means that positions in this course are limited. So if you’re ready to be a professional actor and take the next step, then the Showreel Course is definitely for you.

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