About us


Screenwise was established seventeen years ago to provide specialist, career-focused training in acting for film & television by employing the crème de la crème of industry professionals – award-winning actors, directors & casting consultants who are articulate and inspirational teachers.

Overseen by Denise Roberts (Schapelle, The Moodys, Cliffy, Mrs Biggs, Packed To The Rafters, Blood Brothers, Razzle Dazzle, Always Greener, GP), Screenwise offers full-time and part-time intensive creative and technical screen acting programs which are up to date with Australian and International film industry standards.

It is due to our industry heavyweight teaching staff, their expertise and authority, and the fact that Screenwise Students are exposed to them intimately on a regular basis providing rare networking opportunities, is why Screenwise is and always has been Australia’s leading film and television school for actors.

Screenwise – the leading acting school Sydney – was the first to recognise the need for a drama school specifically designed to teach the art of screen acting offering current working industry professional actors, directors and technicians as it’s tutors.

Film & Television is not only the actors bread and butter to sustain them through the hard times, it has become the actors main source of work in a very difficult and demanding profession. Twelve years ago if you weren’t a ‘theatre actor’ you weren’t really considered an actor. Well the worm has turned and the industry has changed immensely since then. In todays demands, if you don’t have a film or television profile, you can’t get a job in theatre. Even theatre producers now recognise the importance of an actor having a film or television profile. Actors with a profile put bums on seats. That’s just good show business.

Screenwise is not only leading the Sydney Acting Schools in both performance and program content, it is, and will continue to be at the forefront of acting education nationally and internationally offering the very best the industry has to offer.