31 Aug 2016

5 Things That Keep Actors From Achieving Their Goals – Screenwise Tips

Is the business of it all keeping you from taking the plunge? Sometimes we all need a few inspiring words to give us that push. Here are five things that keep actors from achieving their goals and how you can overcome them.

You’re about to graduate. You’ve embarked on the long arduous journey of becoming an actor by often pushing your emotional limits. But this is only the beginning. Beyond the walls of the acting studio exists a business world full of professional challenges and market competition. They say practice makes perfect – and that can be said throughout the lifespan of any acting career.

Like any business you need to cover all bases to ensure that you’re taking the best measures to sell yourself to your target audience. It is important that you understand who your stakeholders are also – including mentors, colleagues and other industry professionals. You are effectively selling across platforms to different audiences with varying needs. Don’t leave it up to your agent to do all the hard work for you. It is essential that you become hands-on with your own business by marketing and networking effectively. At the end of the day – no one will care for or promote your career as much as you do.

The amount of work and passion you put into a project or task as an actor will determine how much you will get out it. Your hard work will not only be seen in front of the camera, but by the smaller things you can do that will have an impact on your career in and out of an audition. We recommend doing something that reminds you each day of your goals and the path you need to do to achieve them. Try setting up a mood board of the things that inspire you or write down your tasks for the day or month. Your level of organisation and commitment to work will reflect your output. Only you have the power to make it work for you!

Ensuring that you are prepared for an audition or class means that you can go in with complete confidence. You know your lines. You know your motivation. You know who you have to be. It also demonstrates your level of professionalism and commitment on the job. Your preparation time could be as little as half an hour to three hours – but every minute charges you up with an extra ouch of energy that could ultimately be your make or break.

Continuous education in acting is a key component to continued long-term success within the industry. To be a true master of your craft, you must accept that there is always more that you can learn from and experiment with. Some artists can suffer from the difficulty of growing and developing their craft because they often believe that what they have studied or achieved is enough. If you assume that you know little or nothing within the scope of acting, you will have a greater chance at discovering more from the industry. It could be as little as exposing yourself to more film and television, taking that extra class or being open to criticism. Being open to learning and criticism are the strongest powers any artist can have – so use them to your advantage.

You never know when that audition can strike. Will you be prepared? What you do today could have an impact on what happens tomorrow. You need to ensure that you are fully prepared for when the opportunities arise. Your success isn’t ultimately measured on how well you do in the industry, but by how much you know you have tried and dedicated to your art. As long as you know you’ve tried your best to be prepared for work throughout your profession – you will find peace in knowing you’ve done your best to succeed in doing what you love!

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