17 Oct 2017

In Conversation With Screenwise Showreel Graduate Ryan Docking

Screenwise sits down with our upcoming Showreel Course graduate Ryan Docking to chat about his experience studying in our studios over the past year!

Q: Why did you decide to study the Screenwise Showreel Course?

I’ve had a love for acting since I studied Drama in high school, I didn’t pursue it until now only because I wanted to travel before settling into study. The reason I chose the Showreel Course was to improve the skills I learnt in high school and I wanted to learn how to act on screen as opposed to theatre based acting.

Q: Favourite film and why?

Deadpool, I’m a sucker for superhero films, but the way Ryan Reynolds plays a version of himself in the movie is iconic.

Q: You recently shot your professional showreel! How was your experience?

It went so fast! It was great to finally put everything I have learnt into my work, and hopefully it shows. Being on set is exactly how I imagined it, and I couldn’t believe how well I went personally! I am extremely happy, and know that the sleepless night were worth it.

Q: Highlight of studying the Screenwise Showreel Course?

Learning everything I have been taught to build the foundations to become a great actor, as well as meeting all the talented actors, directors, and teachers along the way!

Q: Any advice for aspiring actors looking to study the Showreel Course?

You can be anything you aspire to be! Acting isn’t easy, but if you are talented and want to pursue this career, make sure you commit as it will show in your work, acting is fun so have fun!

The Screenwise Showreel course is a one-year, part-time course offering students a toolkit for professional screen acting training and a state-of-the-art showreel required to meet the demands of today’s film and television industry. Click here to find out more.

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