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Adam Demos

“Coming from a construction background in Wollongong I had zero idea about the acting industry and how to even get started, I just knew I wanted to give it a go .Screenwise was my first ever experience in acting and gave me the spark and passion for acting that continues to grow today. The caliber […]

Akshat Gupta

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Screenwise and all its teachers for turning me into an actor and for giving me such a great Showreel. Acting and learning from this school has been the greatest pleasure of my life. I have loved being there every second and your course really nurtured my raw […]

Don Smith

“Loved my classmates, loved my tutors, loved being at Screenwise. Thanks to all the staff at Screenwise, especially to Denise, Renee, and Katrina. But a special big thanks to you for your friendly face every Thursday and for all your help, advice and support over the past year. I’m tempted to say I will miss […]

Rob Woodburn, RWA

“I’ve been working with graduates of Screenwise since I relocated to Sydney from Los Angeles in 2006. Since that time, I’ve seen the program grow from strength-to-strength to become, in my opinion, one of Australia’s top graduate programs. I highly recommend Screenwise to any actor that is looking to obtain commercially viable skills with a […]

Smith & Jones Management

“It is always a pleasure and privilege to work with graduates from Screenwise. Denise has crafted an exceptional, intense training programme that covers all aspects of the work, along with an intelligent and well-rounded understanding of how the business of being an Actor is managed. I have Screenwise grads currently working both domestically and in […]

Alexander Grant

“Screenwise has opened doors I never imagined could be opened. It’s unlocked a new brilliant creative side to me, and has encouraged me to achieve things I never imagined possible. I’ve met, worked with, and befriended people that’ll be apart of my life for a long time to come. Working with high profile individuals and […]