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The Screen Skills short courses offers a range of courses to help you build and refine your screen acting skills.

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Boost your confidence with our Improvisation short course or hone your audition technique to land your next big roll in our Audition & Screen Test short course, there’s sure to be a short course in the Screen Skills range that will help you continue to improve as an actor.

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Script Analysis for Screen is a five-week course designed to teach actors how to breakdown and understand a script. Students will learn how to explore subtext, character motivation and backstory, relationships, and narrative structure. Students will also learn how to translate this analysis to their individual performance in auditions.

Voice for Screen is a five-week course designed for those wanting to hone their vocal instrument. Students will engage in a variety of activities and exercises designed to strengthen and explore body, breath, note, tone and word. A well-rounded, well-supported voice is essential for any actor.

Improvisation for Screen is a five-week course designed for those interested in boosting their confidence and becoming a compelling storyteller in front of the camera.
Students will learn to understand and apply improvisation skills and techniques to their scene work, enhancing their ability to explore character and the given circumstances.

Acting for Screen is a five-week course designed to build the foundation skill set required for screen acting. Students will learn how to apply acting techniques, plot actions and objectives, and explore motivation and stakes. Students will also learn the technical aspects of screen acting; shot sizes, pickups and hitting marks on set.

American Accent for Screen is designed to give the actor ‘the edge’ when auditioning for American film and TV productions. During the 5-week course, you will learn the vocal gymnastics needed to obtain an authentic American accent. If you are serious about working as an actor, an American accent is a critical skill that you must develop and retain.

Actions & Intentions for Screen equips you with the practical skillset to identify what your character wants and how you will achieve it. Discover how to fuel motivation into your work and raise the stakes with every line. Across the 5-weeks you will learn to transformer the lines from your script into a dynamic performance for screen.

Presenting for Screen covers on-screen presenting skills in a number of different presenting styles during the 5 week course. It is designed to boost confidence, broaden communication skills and develop confidence talking to a camera or to a live audience. Learn to deliver powerful and persuasive presentations with conviction and confidence.

Add to your acting toolbox by studying the Eric Morris’ exercises, techniques and approaches over 5-weeks. Learn to break through emotional blocks, tension and insecurities to deliver a truly authentic and believable performance on screen.

Learn Techincals for Screen at Screenwise and be ready to take your first steps onto set, during the 5-week course learn the ins & outs of what makes screen acting so unique. You will cover such topics as hitting marks, eyelines and how pick-ups work. You will also work with your tutor how to incorporate props into your scenes, how to use it naturally and how to make sure continuity is consistent throughout the scene.

Audition & Screen Test for Screen is the short course you need to take if you want to land that next big audition. Throughout the 5-week course learn the full audition process from start to finish, learn how to prepare before the audition day, and all the steps you need to take during to make sure you get that call-back.



“I’ve been working with graduates of Screenwise since I relocated to Sydney from Los Angeles in 2006. Since that time, I’ve seen the program grow from strength-to-strength to become, in my opinion, one of Australia’s top graduate programs. I highly recommend Screenwise to any actor that is looking to obtain commercially viable skills with a…

Rob Woodburn – RWA

“It is always a pleasure and privilege to work with graduates from Screenwise. Denise has crafted an exceptional, intense training programme that covers all aspects of the work, along with an intelligent and well-rounded understanding of how the business of being an Actor is managed. I have Screenwise grads currently working both domestically and in…

David Smith – Smith & Jones Management

Screenwise provides a high calibre of actors to Maura Fay Casting. The school has a plethora of talented directors and industry teachers who are up to the minute in being able to focus on what needs to be transported to the big and small screen. Their knowledge and understanding of the industry has successfully opened up…

Ann Fay – Maura Fay Casting Consultants

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The Screen Skills short courses offers a range of courses to help you build and refine your screen acting skills.

Having a five-week focus on learning all there is to know about specific screen acting techniques, the Screenwise Screen Skills short courses are suitable for an actor wanting to immerse themself in Screen Acting professional education.

The Screen Skills courses focus on techniques such as improvisation for screen, acting on screen, action and intentions, presenting, American accent and Eric Morris.

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Our recognised and renowned tutors work with you in a class environment as well as one on one to ensure you are receiving the guidance and feedback required when studying at Screenwise. These tutors are all accomplished actors and industry experts who are ready to impart their knowledge and wisdom to you. So if you’re ready to learn from the best, apply today!



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You are more than welcome to continue taking part in any other short course that might be of interest to you or you can look into the Screenwise Showreel Course which contains all of our Screen Skills short course and even has you shooting two professional showreel scenes at the end of it. For more info on the Screenwise Showreel Course click here.