8 Reasons Why You Need to Complete a Showreel Course

Jan 24, 2020 | Blog

If you are earnestly looking to become a professional actor or planning to get agent representation, you need to have a ready-made acting showreel first. Nowadays, agents and casting directors use showreels extensively to shortlist actors for auditions or roles. Professional headshots and a comprehensive CVs no longer cut it. These need to be accompanied by a quality showreel that effectively showcases your acting abilities.

But how do you go about creating an impressive showreel, especially when you are entering the industry or have absolutely no acting experience? Count yourself incredibly lucky because, unlike before, there are already film schools in Australia that offer courses on showreels, but none compare to Australia’s most comprehensive Showreel Course for actors.

To enlighten you about the benefits of enrolling in an acting showreel course, here are 8 compelling reasons why you need to enrol ASAP:

1. Get firsthand experience working with industry professionals

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Schools that offer acting courses in Sydney, for example, only hire tutors with relevant industry experience. They would have professional film and television actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, cinematographers, and the like in their faculty roster.

This means that what you’ll be learning is not just grounded in theory. More importantly, whatever lessons you will have will be based on the experiences of these individuals. Learning will be in-depth, and instruction would be exciting and insightful. Whether it’s experience working in the Australian film and TV industry, Hollywood, or elsewhere, you can be certain that you’ll be learning from professionals who have been in the thick of it.

2. Develop and polish communication skills in a professional setting

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In a showreel course, you’ll be able to work on your voice, inflection, enunciation, accent, and the simultaneous application of voice and movement in terms of scene work, as well as other communication elements that impact dialogue or the delivery of lines. As you gain more knowledge and exposure, you also get to develop confidence in your speaking and acting abilities. 

3. Gain experience filming on a professional shoot

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Part of an acting showreel curriculum is being able to shoot scenes on a professional shoot. This means you’ll be working with a cameraman using an industry-standard camera, as well as lighting and sound technicians using top-of-the-line equipment.

This kind of exposure will prove invaluable once you start auditioning for actual roles as a professional actor. You’ll develop a familiarity with how a typical studio looks, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you strike out on your own. You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the presence of studio crew and equipment.

4. Hone your acting technique with professional input

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You’ll be exposed to the fundamentals of screen acting, including improvisation. You’ll know the importance and application of proper blocking, and the basics of precise, impactful performance. You’ll know how to relate with other characters, interpret and examine character motivation, and work with green screens (CGI), etc. More importantly, you’ll get to practise doing the real thing, i.e. acting.

5. Learn to apply audition and screen test techniques

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Part of the culmination of a showreel course is the professional production of a showreel you can use in applying for auditions. This project will be professionally directed, produced, shot, and edited. You’ll also get the chance to work with an actual director, so you know how you are expected to behave during auditions and casting calls.

6. Have a ready-to-use professional, broadcast-quality acting showreel

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If you are dying to audition for a role, you needn’t worry anymore. After finishing your showreel course, you will have your very own ready quality, professionally executed showreel to share with the world. Your showreel will work to get you a chance of auditioning for a role you are passionate about.

7. Develop confidence and learn the techniques of effective self-marketing

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You’ll learn how to network without seeming desperate, as well as market yourself without turning people off. You’ll know how to manage your public social media profiles, so they complement your desired reputation as an actor. You can get advice on efficiently building and presenting your portfolio as well as your professional website.

8. Get an industry recognised certificate of completion

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Being certified by a reputable academy offering both short and long-term, intensive acting courses in Sydney (or wherever you are located) counts for a lot in your CV. Why? It gives your prospective agents and casting directors a fair idea of the level and quality of training you received, and what they can reasonably expect from your performance.

Maximise your first ten seconds

Some industry insiders claim that even ten seconds into a showreel, an agent or casting director will already know what you’re capable of. It may not really seem like the most justified assessment in the world, but it does tell you how vital a well-executed showreel is.

A showreel course will not only prepare you for this but also provide you with professionals who will maximise these crucial moments with you. You won’t even have to worry about using an amateur showreel or spend money on paying for professional videography and editing services that you may not be completely confident in.

Be ready to share your talent

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Enrolling in a showreel course is guaranteed to make a significant difference in your future as an actor. Aside from preparing you for the rigours of professional acting, and the intricacies of the industry, you’ll develop confidence and master the fundamentals of acting. You’ll have the chance to get to know and be instructed by industry professionals as well.

You’ll learn to appreciate the entire creative process and understand why you need to be able to successfully navigate the social side of the industry to effectively network and promote yourself as a serious, passionate actor.

If you’re interested in taking an in-depth acting showreel course or have questions about the curriculum, you can directly contact us at Screenwise.

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