Daniel Cordeaux

Daniel is best known for his appearances in Thank God You’re Here.

In 2001 Daniel was invited to join the Australian Improv team in the Montreal International Just For Laughs festival where they won the Improv World Cup. Later the same year Daniel played in the Theatresports World Domination tournament in Atlanta Georgia, winning second place in a solo effort for Australia.

  • 2008 Geoff THE REHEARSAL ROOM Umbilical Bros New Zealand Tour
  • 2008 Various IMPRO TROPICANO NIDA Playhouse Lyn Pierse
  • 2008 Various A DIRECTOR’S MIND Newtown Theatre Cale Bain
  • 2008 Various WILL IT KILL ME Open Stage Productions Australian Museum
  • 2008 Various TRASH OR TREASURE Open Stage Productions National Maritime Museum
  • 2007 Geoff THE REHEARSAL ROOM Umbilical Bros S.O.H
  • 2007 Bottom A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM RAW EM Berynn Schwert
  • 2007 Various 25 YEARS Open Stage Production National Gallery Australia
  • 2006-08 Various SYDNEY BIENNALE Open stage Productions Art Gallery NSW
  • 2006-07 Various SYDNEY COMEDY FESTIVAL
  • 2006 Various THE AFTER LIFE Open Stage Productions National Gallery Australia
  • 2000-08 Various MAKING IT UP Open Stage Productions Art Gallery NSW


Daniel teaches

Holiday and Term Classes

Acting Classes for Young Adults 12-16


Screenteens prepares young adults with professional screen acting techniques for a successful move into the Film & TV industry.

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