Callan McAuliffe

An Australian actor, currently working in the USA, UK and Australia.
His USA career began in 2009 when Rob Reiner cast him as his romantic lead Bryce in Flipped (2010). Soon after this, Callan was cast as Sam, in Dreamworks sci fi, I Am Number Four (2011). Other notable roles are: Young Gatsby to Leonardo Di Caprio’s lead role in The Great Gatsby (2013) and Alden in The Walking Dead (2017-2022).

Actor, Soundtrack
Biography: Callan McAuliffe (24) was educated at The SCOTS College in Sydney, Australia. As a teenager he topped the Trinity College (London) Musical Theatre Exams as well as variety of Drama Scholarships. He studied with The Sydney Theatre Company via Mr Alan Flower and Screenwise. These combined to open the door to begin his acting career in the USA, UK ... See full bio >>
Born: Australia


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