Thank you

Hi Denise,

I have been meaning to email you for the last week to thank you so much for giving my name to Olivia re the Add for AMI.

I got the gig and we film it on the 6th of October!!!

Thankyou so much for your ongoing support.. I really value it and think I’m extremely bloody lucky !!!!!

The film you put Rob up for .., “Billy”  (Rob plays a gay father??…) I got the gig for “Shazza” in the same film!!

So I am really pleased.. Also got a small part in “LOVE, PASSION, BEAUTY” feature film…I did get a call back for the major role of LORRAINE but I got pipped at the post it seems …

Anyhow again thankyou for your wonderful tuition and support..

Jane xxxx

Jane Thomson – Pro Wokshops

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