Lachlan Quarmby

During my 2 years at Screenwise I forged some of the best friendships I’ll ever have. The journey that we all made together wasn’t always easy, but the industry isn’t either. Screenwise prepared us well for the next steps we needed to take on our own after the course. Firstly the tutors and guest speakers we had throughout were wonderful.

They made Screenwise a fantastically challenging and rewarding experience and provided us with so much first hand knowledge, and honed our skills to get us to be as good as we could be. Secondly since graduating, even with the support of the school, the next steps are up to us. However, through the tools I now have thanks to the course, my showreel, headshots, technique and knowledge, I’m confident that I have everything I need to make those steps to the best of my ability. Thank you Screenwise.

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