Seaton Kay-Smith

As a budding actor, one who buds and is an actor, I finally decided to take the craft seriously and get some training. Up until my enrolment in Screenwise I had survived solely by looking into the mirror and asking my reflection if he was talking to me. He was.

I started out this endeavour by doing a short 6 week evening course on Thursdays. The course was affordable, had a working actor as the teacher and introduced me to a world that really boiled my potatoes. (Ancient Irish Proverb.)

In fact, I loved doing the course so much, a course full of scene reading, improvisation and just getting comfortable in front of a camera, that I soon auditioned for the 12 month showreel course.

Despite my melodramatic rendition of a monologue from Dark City, I managed to get into the course, a one day a week for twelve months kind of deal, delving much deeper than the previous short course did and with more variance too.

Screenwise deals solely with screen, as the name would suggest, though its main strong point, in my humble opinion is the many different teachers that you get over the course of the, well, course.

Directors, Actors, Casting Agents, every five weeks your teacher would change, and the benefit of this was that you wouldn’t just learn how one particular actor or director liked to do things, but you’d get tens of different styles and approaches and you were encouraged to mix and match and create one that worked for you.


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