Talk about learning from the best!

Hi Denise

First of all let me say the US dialect classes have been amazing. Our fifth and final week consists of delivering a monologue and I can’t wait. I was amazed at how quickly, with a little help and guidance, you can transform your accent. I know this class may not be the favorite of everyone but I certainly found the challenge right up my alley. I have had some deep discussions with Katherine about specific US accents relative to certain cultural regions of the US, but more importantly refining the standard American accent has been invaluable. I know I will use my training in this area in the future. I practice my US dialect in my own time, and often catch myself reading in standard American.

Also I saw Kristian Shmid’s performance on PTTR. I had no idea what to expect my current teacher to pull out on the show… I was literally sitting there with my hands over my face in awe. I know he is usually picked for alternate or ‘wacky’ roles (as he often says ‘I get the odd job’s’) but I was really blown away. I tried to picture myself doing such a role and I thought it was quite beautiful how he treated it with such respect. He genuinely cares about every aspect of his professional position. I could see, for Kristian, it was the sort of role he had to be very careful with in order to respect those who actually do have a disability. His portrayal required a huge amount of preparation, research and commitment that I can only aspire to replicate.

– Talk about learning from the best!

Thanks again for exposing me to such terrific leaders. I take bits and pieces from all of them as I watch and learn. I file it all away in my head and scrapbooks in order to draw on the teachings from ‘the toolkit’ whenever I need to rise to then next challenge.

Chris Martin – Showreel Student

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