Stef Dawson

I hope this just inspires everyone at Screenwise not to give up on their dreams!!! Tell them to hang in there!! I booked a lead in an indie and hunger games in one month!! Life changed forever.
Thanks for your support and hope to see you sometime! xxx

– Stef Dawson, Screenwise Showreel Course Graduate (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1 & 2, Cleverman)

Actress, Miscellaneous Crew, Casting Department
Biography: A native of Canberra, Australia, Stef is a graduate of Screenwise, an award winning Equestrian and classically trained singer. She has appeared in numerous projects in Australia before transitioning to America and can now be seen as Annie Cresta in The Hunger Games Trilogy as well as the lead in 2 edgy independent film Creedmoria and Paper Store ... See full bio >>
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Screenwise Acting - Stef Dawson

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