SO glad i did it!!!

Apr 25, 2013 | News

“Had the most wonderful, fantastic day at Peter Andrikidis’s Masterclass at Screenwise Australia. What a marvelous, unassuming, funny man Peter is- he gave such good notes & direction to everyone, I really feel we have all had a super-productive & helpful day. I got to re-meet the CEO of Screenwise, the lovely bubbly Denise Roberts (of GP fame amongst many other roles) Denise is an inspiration with a wealth of acting & producing experience. We met many moons ago, (I think at the Logies !) and it was lovely to see her again. Though she tells me I’ll have to fight her for Gina Rinehart role haha lol. I was lucky enough to film 2 very different scenes. Had lots of fun with both characters, even did improv in the 2nd one and we got some laughs:) some interesting talent there today and Peter really knew how to draw the best performance out from each actor. Quite wonderful to watch a Master at work. He says that there will be a wealth of work in Melbourne later this year including projects he’s working on…I just hope and pray I get to work with him on something as I loved his style, personality and method of directing. A totally brilliant course- SO glad I did it!!! ”

Jessica Muschamp – Peter Andrikidis Master Intensive


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