Showreel Course Testimonial with James Scheepers

Oct 31, 2019 | News

Want to get the inside scoop on the showreel course?

Recent Showreel Course graduate James Scheepers reflects on his journey at Screenwise and shares his gratitude to the tutors and team that supported him throughout his experience in the Showreel Course.

James Scheepers – Showreel Course Graduate Testimonial:

It’s been almost 5 months now since my last day of the Showreel Course.

It’s given me quite a lot of time to reflect on my journey at Screenwise. I was blessed enough to meet some wonderful people; learn from amazing tutors; and take away memories and friendships that will last forever.

Rhonda Fiddleton – Thank you for challenging me throughout the course. To push myself, to trust myself, and to believe in what I was capable of doing on screen. Thank you for directing my scene with Alex in the kids pool; for making it lots of fun to do, and for being so easy to work with!

Peter Mochrie – Thank you for providing me with a safe environment where I could really be vulnerable in front of the camera. Thank you for inspiring me. The five weeks in your class really helped me learn a lot about myself as an aspiring actor. I hope to work with you and learn from you again in the future.

Natasha McNamara – Thank you for being so encouraging as you helped us learn about the American accent and figure out our own. My five weeks in your class was a lot of fun!

Scott Patterson – Thank you for directing my showreel scene with Michael. I learnt a lot both in the moment of filming and upon watching the final cut of the scene. I had a really fun day filming with you and the team!

Production Crew – Thank you for making my first experience on set fun, comfortable, and memorable. You were all a pleasure to work and create with. Your knowledge and experience really shows in the final cuts of the showreel scenes; they look fantastic!

Denise – Thank you for accepting me into your school. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about acting and being on screen. Thank you for giving my dream a chance and a kickstart. Thank you for your encouragement, guidance, and knowledge of the industry. Thank you for helping me find scenes that challenge me but also were able to show me what I was capable of producing.

Thank you all so much! I can’t wait to return in the future to continue learning the craft! I hope you all like the flowers!

Applications are now open for the next Screenwise Showreel Course intake. A one-year, part-time course offering students a toolkit for professional screen acting training and a state-of-the-art showreel required to meet the demands of today’s film and television industry. Click here to find out more.

Next Showreel Course audition dates:

JULY 2021Online Audition are being held for the Screenwise Showreel Course July 2021 Intake Book your online audition here.

Please select 'Showreel Course' then 'Showreel Course Online Audition - July 2021 Intake' in the application form and a Screenwise staff member will coordinate with you after completion of the application form to schedule a suitable audition time.

Your audition will consist of:
- Prepared Film/TV monologue 30 seconds in length (Applicants choice)
- Prepared Film/TV scene (Provided by Screenwise)

Auditions are delivered via Zoom - an easy to use, reliable online platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices and desktops.

Audition preparation material will be emailed to you after successful submission of your application.

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