The Showreel Course: On-Set Series Part II

May 15, 2017 | News

With the next Showreel Course intake approaching, we took some time out to sit down with one of our current Showreel Course students Nikki Green to find out more about her experience in our studios and on-set. This is the second of a four-part interview series that explores the showreel journey of various students, and provides their insight for anyone currently considering the showreel course commencing this coming July 2017. 

Why did you decide to study the Showreel Course at Screenwise?
The showreel course allowed me to still work full time whilst studying screen acting. It was the perfect platform for me to train and refine my skills, and experience a professional set before stepping into professional work.

How has it been working with the tutors at Screenwise?
Incredible. Every tutor has something different to offer, different techniques to teach. It’s been amazing to be trained by industry professionals and to have the opportunity to work with professional directors.

Highlight of the Showreel Course?
The onset experience! Working with a professional Director and crew was amazing. Also all the amazing friends, and soon to be co-workers ;), I have made from this experience.

Advice you would offer to any one considering enrolling into the Showreel Course?
Go for it! Don’t miss the opportunity. Put your all in and be ready to work hard.

Click here for more information or to apply for the Showreel Course commencing this July 2017. Find out more about what our showreel students had to say about their experience in our short interview reel below!

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