May 31, 2016 | Screenwise Presents

Do you dream about the red carpet and the big screen?

Showreel graduate Stef Dawson did! Read on to find out how a humble girl from Canberra landed a major role in the international blockbuster sensation, The Hunger Games.

Stef Dawson wanted to be an actor since she was a little girl. A self professed ‘keen student’, Stef studied acting at every turn and opted to study at Screenwise with the Showreel Course.

After graduating, and armed with a killer showreel, the confidence and passion to back up her acting performances under pressure – Stef, consumed with determination, never gave up until she hit the big time with the major role ‘Annie Cresta’ in theThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 films.

” I did one audition and that was enough. Apprently, they were blown away, they didn’t need to see any more “
– Stef Dawson, Sydney Morning Herald 28/08/2013

Since The Hunger Games shooting wrapped, Stef’s career has moved at lightening pace with roles in Creedmoria, Rage of Innocence, The Paper Store, Shadow of the Monarch, video short Bell and the highly anticipated TV series, Cleverman. Stef is on fire and showing no signs of slowing down as she cements her name as an Australian actress in the international movie industry.

“I hope this just inspires everyone at Screenwise not to give up on their dreams!!! Tell them to hang in there!! I booked a lead in an indie and hunger games in one month!! Life changed forever.”

If you are serious about becoming an actor, it is imperative that you have a professional Showreel. Most importantly, you need the skills and confidence to back up the performances on your showreel when opportunity calls. Screenwise’s Showreel Course delivers these necessary skills and resources through a year long intensive part time course.

The Showreel course is our most popular course and with our graduates achieving such amazing results post graduation – it goes to show why. Don’t hesitate, take the next step in your acting career.

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