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Jan 14, 2015 | Press Room

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GEORGIA Heiniger and Tom Smith will both be homeless at the end of this month.

But both of them speak about their predicament with a smile on their face, because they will be moving to Sydney to study at the prestigious Screenwise Acting School.

They each received one of 32 places on offer Australia wide for the two-year Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT), after flying to Sydney for auditions in early December.

Ms Heiniger said she sees specialising in screen acting as the next step in her career.

“The reality is for actors, particularly in Australia, that if you’re going to make a career out of it most of your income comes from screen acting,” she said.

“It’s technically very different (to theatre acting), and we had little opportunity to actually do that in Tasmania.

“We both did the bachelor of contemporary arts in theatre, and a lot of people think that that’s just acting, but it’s everything from scriptwriting through to acting through to stage management.”

Ms Heiniger said neither had yet found a place to live, but she was planning to take the move one step at a time.

“We’re not really worried about fitting in, I’m not worried about that,” she said.

“It’s mostly about how much it costs and getting a roof and a bed.”

Mr Smith said he hoped his studies would lead to a similar career path to Hugo Weaving, but would settle for a job that pays the bills.

“I think the long term goal (is) that I’d like to make enough money to get by doing what I want to do, and not work a standard nine to five,” he said.

“I just want to get paid to get by doing what I love.”

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