What advice do Screenwise Students offer those wishing to pursue a career in screen acting

Nov 21, 2018 | News

Drama students in their last year of high school have to come to a decision. Do I want to pursue a career in film and theatre or do I want to explore a  completely different career path? We want to make life a little easier for those who are uncertain about working in the Film & Television industry. Over the last few weeks we’ve interviewed our Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) and Showreel Course students and asked them why they made their life-changing career move and the advantages of studying screen acting at Screenwise.

“To all drama students thinking about studying screen acting, there are two decisions you need to make: The first is about acting. It can seem like a difficult decision, though if you love it and it makes you happy, you should do it. Life is way too short to be spending time on the things that don’t excite you. Back yourself. The second is about where to study screen acting. This decision shouldn’t be a difficult one. Having now completed the two-year, full-time Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT), I can say without hesitation, studying at Screenwise will be one of the best career moves you can make. Believe me. From someone who was in your shoes not too long ago.”

Talia Rowley (Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT)

“I would say that Screenwise is the place to jump right into screen acting.  You start right from the beginning with people of all ages, backgrounds and experience. It is the place to begin your training, with some of our finest actors, voice and movement coaches you will receive a holistic and in-depth approach to what it takes to become a working actor.  If you are willing to work hard for what sets your soul on fire, come study with Screenwise. That’s what I did!”

Natalie Parpaiola (Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT)

“Know yourself. This line of work (and study) will consistently demand your focus and commitment. Be prepared to explore your inner world; to be open, to be brave, to be vulnerable, to have fun, to bring your energy, heart and self-discipline to the table. If you are prepared to tap into these qualities within yourself, then you’re on the right path.”

Anna Lindner (Showreel Course)

“There is no need to think about it! It’s simple – you come and audition and take the next step to becoming the best actor you always dreamt of being!”

TJ Lawson (Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT)

“Refine your craft and keep learning… make sure you complete screen acting training and be involved in short films, showreels etc. Also, be sure to get guidance on selecting agents.”

Johann Da Silva (Showreel Course)

“Work hard, work harder. Always put in the time and effort because anything worth doing is worth doing properly. Acting is just like sport; as an actor you are like an athlete and you need to train like one. If you don’t put in the time and effort someone else will.”

Kurt Fahey (Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT)

“Give it a go! You will experience an intense yet supportive ‘in your face’ introduction to the industry.”

Brett Burkett (Showreel Course)

“The most important thing when taking any steps to developing your future is to be brave and take a chance. Before you succeed you must first try. If you truly enjoy something it will come easier, but this does not mean it will be easy. Screenwise really helped to develop my confidence and the key for me was being exposed to good influences and a professional environment.”

Maree Papadopoulos (Diploma of Screen Acting 10065NAT)

“Don’t wait for tomorrow.”

Zoe Anthony (Showreel Course)

Initial applications for the Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) 2019 close November 30th. Click here to apply.

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