Screenwise Grad Hits The Big Time – The Hunger Games

Aug 29, 2013 | Press Room

Lionsgate Entertainment has just revealed that Screenwise’s very own Stef Dawson has been cast as Annie Cresta, Finnick’s (played by Sam Claflin) love interest, in the final two chapters of the Hunger Games series, The Hunger Games: Mockinjay – Part 1 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.

View the official trailer:


The first Hunger Games film was the 13th highest-grossing North American release of all time on its way to generating nearly $700 million at the worldwide box office. This is a huge break for Stef Dawson, congratulations!

Stef wrote to us recently to share her big news:

“I hope this just inspires everyone at Screenwise not to give up on their dreams!!! Tell them to hang in there!! I booked a lead in an indie and Hunger Games in one month!! Life changed forever.”


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