Meet Showreel Course Graduate Anna Lindner

Jun 5, 2019 | News

Thinking of applying for the upcoming Showreel Course intake? Showreel graduate Anna Lindner provides a snapshot of what to expect from this highly acclaimed program. Our Showreel Course graduates reflect on their time in our studios and the many experiences at Screenwise that they will carry with them throughout their careers in the Film and Television Industry.

Q: What attracted you to study at Screenwise?

The Screenwise Showreel Course provided a safe, structured & professional learning environment for me to fine-tune my screen technique and deepen my practice as an actor. Screenwise has helped to instil the self-discipline and confidence in my work that I have been seeking.

Q: How has it been working with the tutors and staff at Screenwise?

The great thing about tutors at Screenwise is that they’re actively working and engaged in Australia’s TV & Film industry. They come to you with a wealth of practical guidance, knowledge and personal experience. Each tutor creates a safe and unique environment in which to play, explore and be both vulnerable & empowered, which is imperative for any committed actor.

I thoroughly appreciate the staff approach at Screenwise; their expectation is nothing less than absolute professionalism from their students – the exact same standards required of any actor in the professional realm. In return, you will receive guidance, support, understanding and lovely smiles every time you step through that door.

Q: Highlight of studying at Screenwise so far?

I had the privilege of working with two of Australia’s great female artists, Rachael Blake and Rhondda Findleton. Being in the room with them has taught me a great number of things; honesty, irreverence and humour to name just a few. Their guidance has granted me a true sense of ownership of what I offer as an actor, as an artist and as a woman; to be utterly unapologetic within my skin, my voice, my eyes and uncompromising in my eternal pursuit of exploring what my ‘best’ can be.

Q: If you can sum up the Showreel Course in one word what would it be?


The Showreel Course is a one-year, part-time program offering students a toolkit for professional screen acting training and a state-of-the-art showreel required to meet the demands of today’s film and television industry.

To apply for the Showreel course apply here today or call 02 9281 4484 for more information.

Next Showreel Course audition dates:

JULY 2021Online Audition are being held for the Screenwise Showreel Course July 2021 Intake Book your online audition here.

Please select 'Showreel Course' then 'Showreel Course Online Audition - July 2021 Intake' in the application form and a Screenwise staff member will coordinate with you after completion of the application form to schedule a suitable audition time.

Your audition will consist of:
- Prepared Film/TV monologue 30 seconds in length (Applicants choice)
- Prepared Film/TV scene (Provided by Screenwise)

Auditions are delivered via Zoom - an easy to use, reliable online platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices and desktops.

Audition preparation material will be emailed to you after successful submission of your application.

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