Meet 1st Year Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) Student Kurt Fahey

Nov 7, 2018 | Screenwise Presents

Thinking of applying for the Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) in 2019? Our 1st Year student Kurt Fahey provides a snapshot of what to expect from this highly acclaimed program. This series of interviews presents our Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) 1st Year & 2nd Year students as they reflect on their time in our studios and the many experiences that they will carry with them throughout their careers in the Film and Television Industry.

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Q: What attracted you to study at Screenwise?

I never saw myself as a creative or felt confident in performing in front of people so I was definitely someone ‘late-to-the-stage’ so to speak. I remember being so nervous at my first beginners short course I could barely speak. I went home that night and couldn’t sleep. It didn’t take me long to get hooked and I came to the conclusion that I needed a “start to finish” course that was going to guide me through the scope of acting. I had no idea where to start my acting journey but I was inspired by the Screenwise Alumni making a name for themselves across the globe right now. That alone told me that it was worth learning more about. Once I had done my research it was easy to see that the no-nonsense practical approach to screen and TV acting was pretty well what I was looking for. Meeting Denise during the audition was like peering over the edge into a whole new world. Sitting across from her as she told me Chris Hemsworth had walked through that same door only a few years ago. Then rattling through ten different accents in the space of about 30 seconds. It was certainly that moment it felt like I was looking at the difference between the dream and what could be a reality. Safe to say I was very happy when I got my letter of offer!

Q: How has it been working with the tutors and staff at Screenwise?

The staff and tutors at Screenwise are excellent and they all bring something unique to the table. There is not a single tutor that I haven’t learnt something new from or found something to take away. Every tutor gives you a very personalised experience. They take their own time to speak with you personally on something they think will help us individually and you can be sure that it definitely has helped. They are the kind of people that are compelling to do great work for because they are so invested in what you are doing. The Screenwise staff are always there to support each of us individually on a range of things including industry auditions and our social media presence. If you’re really lucky you’ll get a visit from Denim the official mascot – a very excitable French Bulldog.

Q: Highlight of studying at Screenwise so far?

It’s tough to pinpoint any one thing but one of the standout highlights has definitely been the collaborations between Screenwise Actors and AFTRS students. That’s always a lot of fun and the screening in the AFTRS cinema afterwards has the energy of a football grand final.

Q: If you can sum up the Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) in one word what would it be?


Q: What advice would you offer to HSC drama students thinking of studying screen acting next year?

Work hard, work harder. Always put in the time and effort because anything worth doing is worth doing properly. Acting is just like sport; as an actor you are like an athlete and you need to train like one. If you don’t put in the time and effort someone else will.

The Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) 2019 is Australia’s leading creative and technical screen acting program. The Screenwise Diploma of Screen Acting (10065NAT) is a two-year, full-time, Government accredited course, which offers students the most advanced acting courses and professional industry training today.

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